Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ready to Sing!

This is the group of singers that performed in
Carnegie Hall. I am the second from the left
in both photos. The top one is all family
members: my husband, his sister, our sister-
in-law, and my husband's cousin. The second
photo is all the group; our director is on the
end, next to me. They are made up of school
teachers and educators, some medical people,
and some business owners. Everyone had a
great time, and said they would do it again!

For info on Carnegie Hall concerts:
Mid-America Productions

"Elaine who?"

After our performance at Carnegie Hall, we went to
eat at Elaine's, a New York institution. They were
waiting for all 16 of us; it was late. One of our group
was very excited about eating here, and getting to
meet Elaine. There was some kind of family joke,
something to do with a Seinfeld episode...anyway,
I sketched her in my sketchbook, and he took it
to her in the front of the restaurant, and she signed
it. He had his picture made with her, and he was
We enjoyed a great meal, and got back to the hotel
around midnight. Just one more fun experience in
the big apple...

Someone asked about these sketches. I do a travel
sketchbook journal wherever I go. The book is a
work of art in itself, but I do use the sketches for
larger works, too. I have volumes of journals, and
I love looking back at them, and being able to
remember all the little details of a trip because I
wrote it all down! (I certainly cannot rely on my

I am leaving this Saturday to take my group to
Costa Rica for 10 days. I will be doing a journal
on that trip as well, but I also paint some watercolors
during the trip that I sell to others in the group tour.
I am getting excited, and even started packing a
few things this afternoon. Don't know if I will be able
to post while gone...will have to let you know.

for info on group trips:

Friday, May 30, 2008

Carnegie Hall Re-visited

I belong to the Sanctuary Choir of First Baptist
Church of Winnfield, LA. And we have been
fortunate enough to be able to participate in
a program sponsored by Mid-America Productions
that brings small town choirs to New York City
to perform in Carnegie Hall. We have just
returned from our second trip. We were there
2 years ago, and performed the Mozart Vespares
in Latin. This time we did the Brahm's Requiem in
German, conducted by John Rutter, a world-
famous composer and director. We joined 6 other
choirs at the Grand Hyatt, and practiced for 2 days.
We performed Monday night, Memorial Day, to a
packed house. It was thrilling.

These are some sketches I did of the orchestra
during part of their dress rehearsal that didn't
involve us. Carnegie Hall itself is quite beautiful,
and there is so much history on that stage. I went
down the hall, and noticed a framed, page of music
signed by Beethoven! wow...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

New York Photos

I was in New York with a group from our church
to sing in Carnegie Hall as part of a combined
choir made up of choirs from all over the nation.
But I never pass up an opportunity to do some
artwork and take some photos.
This bottom one is Bryant Park that was down
the street from our hotel. This was Sunday
afternoon, and there were lots of people out
enjoying the sunshine.
The middle one is the Chrysler building which
was also down the street from the hotel.
And the Pershing Square Cafe was right across
the street. We ate several great meals there,
including their "world famous" breakfast.
more tomorrow....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"New York, New York...what a wonderful town"

Well, we are back from our trip to New York,
and our Carnegie Hall performance. We are
a day later than we had planned...we were
delayed by bad weather in Dallas on Tuesday.
But, we made it, and had a great time.

These are a couple of sketches from my
sketch book that I always do during my
travels. The top one is from Bryant Park
where I spent part of Sunday afternoon,
simply taking in the sun, and the
people enjoying the day. The second one
is just a street vendor, one of many, on
any given corner.

I will be posting some of my photographs,
and some more of the sketches in the next
couple of days.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Face

I am caught up with the commission portraits
right now, and I have been wanting to draw
this pensive little girl. I would like to enter
her in some upcoming competitions. I took
this photograph several years ago at the
kindergarten school.

for info on portraits or commission work:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Great Grapes

We planted these grape vines a couple of years
ago. The first year they barely did anything.
Last year, they had some grapes on them, but
none of them were able to get ripe...the raccoons
or possums ate them all. This year, they have
gone crazy. There are 1000's of grapes all over
the vines. If the varmits eat them all this year,
they will have a huge tummy ache! That's
Huey playing around in the arbor. I am hoping
to be able to paint or draw some of them as
soon as they get some color on them...stay

Monday, May 19, 2008


I went out on a limb, and did this looser, more
vibrant New Orleans design, and they loved it!
I rearranged some things, and made the design
work better, and then pumped up the color.
It will be used on some t-shirts for a nursing
school in New Orleans, and also liscensed on
some other items later on. I like it, and I am
glad to be through with this project, and ready
for the next one!

For info on graphic design: logos, t-shirts, etc, you

can email me:

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another New Orleans design

One more in the series...another watercolor with
different colors.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Orleans in Pastel

Another stab at the New Orleans design...this one
is in pastel. Will see what the client says!

Friday, May 16, 2008

New Orleans Design in Color

I have been working on this t-shirt design
for a client in New Orleans. This is the
first color choice that I have just finished.
I will be doing a couple more till I am
satisfied with the color combinations....
perfectionism is a fault!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jessica Finished

This is the finished drawing of Jessica. I have
been working on it all weekend, off and on, and
I think I have done all I can do. It is not a great is really hard to photograph the pencil
drawings without a glare. It looks better than
this in person.
Had a couple of comments from a
woman I met at a show...welcome Jo. I hope you
enjoy viewing my endeavors. And a gentleman
from, an international viewer.
Welcome to you, too. Thanks so much for
checking out my work. If I can do a special
piece of artwork for either of you, just let me

I have two trips coming up quickly. I go to
New York City on the 23th with our choir to
sing in Carnegie Hall with a larger choir. We
are performing Brahm's Requiem in German,
and I still have lots of practicing to do. Then
I leave with my painting group for Costa Rica
on June 7th. We will be painting, sketching,
and photographing the sights and scenes of
that beautiful country for 10 days. I will be
doing lots of work from those two trips and
posting them, so stay tuned.

Friday, May 9, 2008

A Great Columbia Day

The staff at the Schepis Museum had asked me
to come and do something with the local 6th
grade class, 27 of them. They really wanted me
to teach them watercolor, and have them do one!
Well, I was a little apprehensive...I haven't taught
that many at once very many times in my career!
So, I drove up this morning to meet them all at
9:30 in the museum. It all went beautifully...could
not have been better. They were all so interested,
and eager to learn. They were polite, and very
well behaved. Their teacher is doing a great job.
They all completed a small painting, and they were
very proud. I shared with them some info on
each of the show locations, and they all learned
a lot. I hope I inspired them to keep a sketchbook
journal on their next trip; they loved looking at
mine, and learning about each place. Great fun!

for info on Workshops in your area:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jessica's smile

I've started working on this drawing of my
niece's little girl, Jessica. She is a great
little child, and it will be fun to draw her.
I am waiting to hear from the client in
New Orleans, will have to finish that
project this week, too.

for info on children's portraits:

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Orleans by Design

Been working on a multi-purpose design
of New Orleans to be used on t-shirts, etc.
The client wants all of the following
elements: the Cathedral, jazz, street car,
beads, fleur di lis, and iron grillwork. It
has been interesting to try to combine all
of those elements. I am close now to the
finished one, and will paint it next. I will
let you guess which one they chose.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hanging out at the Schepis

I hung the "Destinations" show today at the
Schepis Museum in Columbia, LA. There are
a total of 80 pieces in the show (whew!) from
my trips to Italy (Venice, Florence, Rome),
Big Bend National Park, Alaska, Key West,
New York, and New Orleans. There are
photographs, watercolors, pencil drawings,
pastels, colored pencil drawings, and mixed
media pieces. I am very proud of it all, and
it feels great to see it all come together.
It will open tomorrow, Tues the 6th, and will
be up through June 30th. The museum is
closed on Mondays. If you are planning to
go, please check with them for their hours, etc.

"to God be the glory, great things He Has done"

Sunday, May 4, 2008

More Garden Tour

The top photo is my booth set-up at the
Les Jardin garden tour. We were on the
porch of one of the historic houses. The
LSUS Heritage center has several of
these restored historic buildings which
make up a typical plantation.
The flower is a poppy that was planted
at the Heritage center that was a very
unusual color.
I go tomorrow to hang all my work for
the "Destinations" show at the Schepis
museum in Columbia, LA. Will keep you

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Garden Party

I just got back from my weekend of painting
at the Les Jardin garden tour. I drove up to
Shreveport on Friday, and previewed my
garden spot, a beautiful English cottage style
garden owned by Lauren Johnston. It was
absolutely full of flowers and wonderful color.
Then I had to set up my booth at the
headquarters located at the LSUS campus.

Saturday's weather could not have been
better, after watching thunderstorm watches
and warnings thru the night. It all blew on
through, and it was a clear blue sky, 68 degrees,
and breezy. I worked at the booth in the
morning, and then spent the afternoon doing
some small watercolors at the house. I did
10 paintings and sold them all, so I have nothing
to post on here! I forgot to photograph them,
so you will have to look at me, and some of
Lauren's beautiful blossoms.

If you are interested in me painting your
garden, just get in touch, and you can send
me some photos, or perhaps I can come and
paint wherever you are...road trip!!