Thursday, February 26, 2009

A little progress

Finished the tiger, and started on the background.
That is the original "Tiger Bait" riddlepic that I did
several years ago, and had printed on postcards. I
will try to do the lure tonight, and get this finished up.
I received notice from the LSU Animal Art show, and
neither one of my pieces was accepted. I entered
the drawing of the orangutan, and one of an
alligator. I would be curious to see what did
make the show. May try to make it to Baton Rouge
for the show later this spring. oh well...just another
entry fee gone!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tiger Bait

Several years ago, I started a series of drawings called,
"Riddle Pics". They combine an animal and an object
that together form a a duck and some tape
are "duck tape". Anyway, one of my most popular ones
has been "Tiger Bait" that features a tiger and a fishing
bait or lure. Here in Louisiana, that is the slogan that the
LSU football team chants at the opposing team.
I am doing this one for a big LSU fan, and started on the
tiger tonight. It is in colored pencil on Arches paper.
Will keep working on it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Gallery Visit

My friend JoAnne (the recent 1st place winner in the
CAG show) and her husband came for a visit to the gallery today,
and she sent me this photo this evening. They came to
see my Costa Rica show that will come down this week.
They enjoyed some lunch, and browsed through the
shop. Thanks, JoAnne, and hope to see you soon!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Paris Postcard

This is the final design for a 5 x 7 postcard that I am
having printed that will advertise my artwork from
my upcoming Paris trip. I will be able to hand these
out at the Tour convention that I will be attending in
London early in March.
I use Modern Postcard for my printing. They are in
California, and always do a great job. They are reasonable
and fast. Check them out if you need something printed.
They do postcards, greeting cards, business cards,
posters, etc....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Calvary is the Sea

I sing in the sanctuary choir at my church, and
we are doing an anthem tomorrow titled, "Calvary
is the Sea." I finished a power point with the lyrics
tonight to be used during the service. This is the
"No sacrifice I could give to You could match
what You've given me. For my everything is
but a drop of dew...And Calvary is the sea,
Calvary is the sea."
I am working on the Paris postcard, too, and should
have it finished tomorrow.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Paris Postcard

As a lot of you know, I take groups on travel workshops
around the world. We take one big trip a year somewhere
really great to paint. This April we are going to Paris for
8 days. Before we do that however, I am going to London
to attend the convention sponsored by the tour company
that I travel with. At the convention, I will meet other
group coordinators, and hear about their new tours. I
wanted to have some postcards of my artwork with all my
contact information, etc to give to other group leaders and
those attending the workshop. You never know what
opportunites can come, and I like to get my artwork out
into someone's hands as often as I can. This is a possible
sketch for the postcard....since I can use it, too when I
actually am in Paris.
for info on travel workshops:

Spring Flowers

Just a few more of our early spring blossoms here
in the South...dreaming of warmer days.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Signs of early Spring

I know Phil saw his shadow, and we are supposed to have
6 more weeks of winter, but here in the South...Spring is
peeking out. This is a Japanese magnolia, also known as a
tulip tree, and they are blooming all over. This one is in
my back yard, and I enjoy it's purple petals every year.

Little Boy in the Hat finished

I finished this portrait of this little boy this weekend.
I will let the client know, and ship it this week. I hope
she will be satisfied.
I have been advertising the portraits on television on
the station in Alexandria, LA (the largest city close to
us). I had many people today tell me they had seen
the ad. That's good to know, I just hope it will materialize
into some commissions!
For info on children's portraits:

Contemporary Artist's Guild Reception

A Sunday afternoon spent with art and friends...the
reception for the CAG show was today. Those are my
two entries: "Hannah", a pencil drawing of my daughter,
and "Market Outlook", a pencil drawing of an Egyptian
buzzard. I did not win anything, but my friend, JoAnne
Thompson, won first place! That is her with me in the
photo. She works mostly in acrylics, and has taken a
few of my classes. I was very happy for her. The show
will run through March 11th at the Capital One Bank
lobby in downtown Alexandria. Go check it out.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Love Letter...Happy Valentine's Day

I have had this old letter for about eleven years. I found it
folded up and tucked in my father's wallet when I cleaned
out my parent's home.
I thought about it today, Valentine's Day. It is a love letter
from him to my mother. It may have been written when he
was in the service, or away during the war, it has no date.
But I thought it would be wonderful to share it with others
on this "lovely" day.
"Dearest Wife,
It has been a long time since I have written you a letter, so
I think I shall do just that.
First I want to tell you what a wonderful wife you have been.
I had never, even in my wildest dreams, expected to be the
husband of a young lady quite so beautiful, so competent,
so companionable, so sweet, as you. I consider myself the most
fortunate man who has ever lived and each day, I throw my chest
out a little farther, and with a very self satisfied sigh, say to myself,
"That's my wife". I know not what destinies brought us together.
I just know that our love is out of this world.
Someday I hope to be able to give to you all of the things in life that
you deserve and desire. A home, a family, and all the little things
that make life worth living. That's my one aim in life, and I am
determined to see it come to pass; the days when you and I will be
a respected family, so much in love, and desiring one to see the other
When the going gets tough, just remember that we are in this thing
together, fighting for our future, a future in which all our dreams will
come true, where our character will afford us a respected position in life
as Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Hindelang and family.
Be sweet, and remember always, I love you.
As ever, Ralph

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Little Boy Progress

Still working on this little is shaping up. I am adding
the middle values now, and then will add the darks last.
He is really cute...
I will be taking two pieces down to the Contemporary
Artists' Show in Alexandria this Saturday. And then
the awards reception is on Sunday afternoon. I am
hoping to win something, but the exposure is always nice, too.
(that's what the losers always say)!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Beth's Boy underway

Started working on this little boy in the hat. These are
just the lightest layers of pencil. When you do a pencil drawing,
you gradually add layers of lead to build up the value...the
shadows, and the darks. This helps to give the illusion of
depth and volume. I will continue to add shading as I go,
and tighten up the details.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Beth's Little Boy

What an adorable face! This is my latest commission piece. This
is the grandson of a woman named Beth. She didn't really like the
hat, but I loved it. I started on it tonight, and will finish this week.
I also love the lighting. I tell potential customers that I prefer to
work from a photo taken in natural light outdoors. There is nothing
like the sun to light a face. I also like the casual poses...not always
looking right at the camera. This is good example. Should make a
good drawing. Will post when finished.
For info on children's portraits, email me.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Market Outlook

I don't normally use my art to make any kind of
statement; I always feel like I should use it for
positive motives. I have been a little pessimistic
lately; an adverse reaction to all the "change for the
better" hoopla. I am just a little cynical, perhaps
realistic. So, I thought it would be interesting to title this
piece with a thought provoking one. I tried on a few, and
decided on: "Market Outlook". I thought about "Bear or
Bull? Try Buzzard" Anyway, I really just think the bird is an
interesting composition of grey, black, and white, and that in
itself might be a political statement?! But I really just thought
it would make a striking piece in the show I am entering it in,
and it would catch the judge's eye. We'll see what reaction
the whole package brings....keep you posted.
"Market Outlook" orig pencil drawing 16 x 28 $350.00

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Eye of the Tiger

This is a print of an original colored pencil drawing that I did
several years ago. A wife bought this print for her husband,
and I just finished framing it today.

Then I delivered it to them at their pizza parlor, and hung
it there for them. So, my tiger is now on display in a pizza much for fine art! It will get to reach a different
audience...and that is always good.
I am still working on the buzzard...should be finished soon.
Tiger Print 22 x 27 $125.00 9 x 12 $45.00

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Art and Lunch

We hosted a group of women today from Alexandria, LA;
a ladies' Sunday School class. They had lunch up in the
gallery, and then I did an informational talk about the Costa
Rica art show, and some of my other work. They got to shop
and browse in the store, and I think they had a good time

A thing of beauty...

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever." I posted a photo of this
fine vulture a while ago, and I have been working on this drawing
for several nights. It is for a show that is coming up later this
month. It will make an interesting black and white composition.
For competition pieces, you have to have something that catches
the judges eye, has striking design, and is unusual. But even then,
you never know what the judge will like, and it is often VERY
subjective. I have been in shows where I wondered what in the
world the judge was thinking....will keep you posted as to the outcome!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Lake...

Here are another couple of photos of the lake.
I love the light coming through the trees and
sparkling on the surface of the water.
I found a wonderful quote today about using
our talents. It was made in reference to the
development of our gifts.
"To do what God designed me to do, is to feel
His approval. Everyone has gifts from God.
To develop those gifts and to use them for others
makes one a conduit for the power of God."
Daniel Schantz
I hope you go out and use yours this week.