Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Greetings from Paris

Bonjour:::having a great time; taking lots of photos, and doing some
painting; I will post when I get back; and have a regular keyboard!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Packed and Ready to Go

I am packed and ready to leave for our trip to Paris! I am driving
down to New Orleans today with two of our group, and we will
spend the night, and leave from the airport in the morning.

This is a drawing of Monet's house that I did the last time I was there.
Hope to get to spend some time there again this trip. Will try to do
some posting while gone. Until then, bonjour!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Planning Paris

From the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower, from Notre Dame Cathedral
to the Seine, from Giverny to Montmartre...I have spent the evening
planning my days in Paris. I have so many destinations I would like
to see and experience..I just hope we can get them all in.

The pencil drawing above is from my Paris sketchbook that I did in
2001 when we took our daughter to London and Paris for her high
school graduation trip. It was the very first time I had attempted to
do a travel journal, and I still get the biggest kick out of going back
and looking at it. I have learned a lot in the last 8 years of traveling,
but it is still one of my favorites keepsakes. It may have more to do
with the thrill of completing one for the first time, and sharing those
experiences with my husband and daughter....good memories.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Paris just for Fun

These are a couple of fun postcards of Paris I did
tonight to take with me on the trip. I am almost
packed (keep changing my mind). Still have to get
a lot done before we leave for New Orleans on Friday.
I did my teacup presentation earlier this evening in
the little town of Jena, at the First Baptist Church. It
was a women's ministry fellowship with a tea theme, and
I was the speaker. I give an inspirational talk on handling
adversity, and how God can make us stronger through our
circumstances. One of the favorite quotes that I use is this:
"If you can't change your circumstances, You can change your attitude"
That may be a familiar phrase to some of you, but the
first time I heard it, I really needed to hear it, and I repeat
it often to myself. As a perfectionist and someone who is
constantly disappointed with life, I have to work on my
attitude a lot!
For info on Teacup Ministry:

Monday, April 20, 2009

Class Time

My good friend and former student had asked me to do a watercolor
workshop for her Gifted and Talented students. The workshop would
be held at the gallery, and they would eat lunch in the cafe. Today was
the day! There were around 30, including the chaperones (who also
painted!) We all did a watercolor on canvas in the morning session.
Then lunch, and another canvas in the afternoon. They were excellent
students, and I had a great time. These are photos of almost all of them.
The young lady by herself is holding her second painting in which she
had labeled the building "the Pea Patch". (she'll go far in life...!)
Anyway, I hope they all learned something, and enjoyed their field trip.
For infomation on workshops/classes:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Stand by Me"

I was just watching Headline News, and there was a story
about a documentary featuring street musicians. The film
maker taped street musicians singing the same song, and
put it all together. I believe you can watch it on YouTube.
I was so amused to see this delightful old man included in
the documentary. I took these photos of him in New Orleans
the day before I left for London. I joined the crowd listening to him
perform on a street corner along Royal St. in the French Quarter.
The film maker then arranged for all of them to be on Jay Leno;
he said several of them didn't even know who Jay Leno was!
They sang the song "Stand by Me", and I think he said he had
plans for them to do more. Will have to watch for it...too cool.
Leave me a comment if you saw it, or have watched it on YouTube.

Final Tea Time

OK, here is the final tea shirt design. It will be screen-printed on white
short-sleeved shirts, and will be for sale. I will be placing an order this
week, if anyone is interested. They will probably be around
$16.00. Email me or call the gallery to order one, or more!
I drove down to Alexandria to deliver a piece for the Tom Peyton Memorial
Art Show at the First United Methodist Church. The show opens this Friday,
and I will be unable to attend the reception; I'll be in New Orleans in preparation
to leave for Paris! The pencil drawing of "Katrina", the little black girl holding some
wildflowers was accepted into the show. I will post it again if it wins anything.
I have also been working on some small paintings to take to Jena on Tuesday
where I will speak at a women's tea party. So, I have been having a day filled with
art today.
Pea Patch Gallery 318-628-3560
This is a color option for the tee shirt. Still playing around with the border.
Will decide soon; I have to have the final design Tuesday when I speak to
a group, so they can order the shirts.
On Monday, I have to teach watercolor on canvas to 30 school children who
are coming to my studio at the Pea Patch Gallery. They are going to do a
painting with me in the morning, then eat lunch, and do a second one after
lunch. It will be fun...let you know how it goes.
We have been re-arranging at the shop; if you are close by, you need to come
and see our changes.
Leave for Paris in 6 days!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Too much Tea....

AAAH...still working on this teacup design. Can't remember being so dis-
satisfied with my work. Just can't get the one I like. This is different, with
the lemon slice. And I am going to add the words at the top and bottom.
My friend says I need to do my handwriting instead of using a font. Will
keep trying.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Long House

I decided to go ahead and paint this house portrait. The man buying this
has all of the Winnfield landmarks done and framed in his office. This will
add to his collection.
I read a quote recently that talked about selling your work. Some artists
are hesitant to part with their paintings...they become attached to them,
or feel that they are not going to be appreciated. I, however, always enjoy
selling my work. There have been a few pieces over the years that I wish
I had asked more money for!!, but I was still glad to have sold them.
The quote:
"Your work will always be yours no matter whose wall it is hanging
on. And better someone else's than your own." amen

Tea time again....

This is another tea shirt design...will try to do some color variations.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Ink...

Just more ink...lots of lines and squiggles. I may get
this printed and then paint it.
I have a new website to showcase some of my artwork.
I believe it is up and running, just a few more tweaks...
Will try to update with lots of new art as I go.
One of the artists going with me on the Paris trip is
Lou Jordan. You can see some of her work at
She also does watercolor, and enjoys painting on location.
We should have a great time.

for info on group travel:

Back to Business

The holiday is over, and it's back to work! It reminds me of
Peter saying the day after Easter, that he was "going fishing".
I am doing this drawing of the Long home here in Winnfield. I just
started the ink tonight. I will have to work on it several more
For info on House Portraits:

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I have a pair of bluebirds trying to set up house in this
birdhouse. Dewey was determined to try to catch him
a little blue treat...I removed him from the tree several
times, and everytime I looked out the window, there he
was again. The bluebirds were dive bombing him, but
her was determined. As far as I know, he was never
successful. The birds are safe one more day!!


Our little town hosts the "Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trials" every
spring. It is a competition where hog hunters bring their dogs
from all over the country. They are scored on baying the wild
hogs, etc. The businesses sponsor these hogs to help promote
the festival. This is my pig for this year. And I just found this
great quote by Picasso:
"My mother said to me: If you become a soldier, you'll end up a
general; if you become a monk, you'll become the Pope; I became
a painter, and wound up Picasso."

for info on Hog Dog Trials:

Dressed up for Easter

Spent part of the day yesterday shopping for an Easter dress. When
I arrived home, my yard was already dressed up for Easter!
Hope all of you have a blessed day.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tea Time

I like this one. I am going to do some color variations, and
then decide. Would love to hear some comments.....

I sell these shirts when I present my Teacup Ministry
program. I have gone through a wide variety of adversity
over the years in our family, and I give a testimony-type
presentation that tells others how I grew stronger through
"hot water" situations such as loss, grief, depression,
troubled relationships, etc. I am asked to do speaking
engagements at Ladies' Tea events, church fellowships,
conferences, etc. I have given this talk to groups of 500
and as few as 35. It has blessed my life immensely, and I
try to never turn down an opportunity.

I am currently out of t-shirts, and this is a new design. So
I'd like to get it right.

for info on Tea Cup Ministry

In Hot Water...

Been working on this new t-shirt design...still working.
more later...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Changing Gears

I have been asked to do an ink and watercolor of this home
here in Winnfield. It is an historic place; it belonged to one of
the Longs, the relatives of Huey and Earl (the colorful governors
of our great state). I will draw it in pen and ink, and then paint it
with watercolors.
I am also working on a new t-shirt design for the teacup ministry.
Have done a few sketches, but it is just in the planning stages.
Will post when I have more something more solid.
(17 days till we leave for Paris!)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Paris in Oils

I collect a lot of paintings of places I love, and this is one
of them. It is an oil painting of a cafe in Paris. It is just a
print, but I love it. I wish I could paint like this. I have
tried to paint in oils, but my watercolor background doesn't
really let me. The techniques are so different, I am just not
any good at oils. Maybe I will try some more
is never too late to learn something new.
Speaking of learning something new, I attended a marriage
seminar today with Mike and Amy Smalley. It is being
held at our church, and they are staying with us in our guesthouse.
There was a lot of good advice about communication, respect,
and acceptance. good stuff...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dogwood...signs of Spring

Taking a break, haven't drawn anything today. It is beautiful
outside. We have been having some really violent storms, and this
morning, was no different. The day started with thunder and lightening,
and a dark ominous sky, and heavy rain. By noon, however, it had
disappeared and the sun came out. The rest of the day was gorgeous. A
stiff breeze, cool temperatures, and lots of flowers...
These are dogwood blossoms, a real sign of Spring in the South. They
have been described as the flower of the passion of Christ. The center
represents the crown of thorns. The four petals indicate the cross, and
the blood-stained nail scars are on each petal. We have several of these
trees, and I look forward to their white blossoms every year. I thought
they were appropriate with Easter right around the corner.
I was asked today to submit a colored pencil drawing for the silent auction
at the Colored Pencil Society Convention this summer in Atlanta. It is an
honor to be selected. I will have to decide what to send. will post...
dogwood photos available por

Thursday, April 2, 2009

London in Black and White

Why is it that some images look so great in black and
white? I think it adds a timeless quality to them. These
are some of my favorites from the London trip. I was happy
to see that the little black cabs were still in use. And I always
love lamps and lamp posts. I also am always attracted to series
or objects in a row, thus the silver tables. And the tree turned
out nicely because of the absence of leaves. I can print any of these
images for sale if anyone is interested.
I received the London sketchbooks from the printer today.
They are really cute...smaller format, only 5 x 7, but they
have 30 pages. Should be able to sell them. It was fun doing
London Sketchbooks $30.00

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Paris Cafe

Another Paris watercolor...of a sidewalk cafe. I took
this photo while there several years ago. It was taken
from the moving bus! We were only there 3 days, and
one day it poured down rain the whole day. We didn't
get to really get out and do much, and that is one of the
reasons I am going back now. I want the chance to really
experience and see the city..hopefully, I will get that
Someone came in the gallery today, and bought the pair
of mixed media dragonflies that I did several months ago.
She said she really loved them, and was looking forward to
hanging them in her home. It is very rewarding when someone
wants to own my work...that is one of the main reasons I do it!