Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pair Sold

A few months ago, I did a pair of photo collages on canvas
with this yellow hibiscus photo. I painted a red and yellow
border. Today, a couple from Shreveport came in the gallery
looking for a pair of paintings. They bought these two. (I
guess I didn't photograph the finished ones). Anyway, about
an hour after they left, someone called me wanting to buy the
yellow hibiscus collage they saw the day before! So, I am
doing one for her, and I started it tonight. Isn't it wierd how
something sits in your shop for years, and then all of a sudden
several people want the same thing?!
Photo Collage $45.00

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

French Hens....

When I toured Monet's home in Giverny, France earlier
this past spring, these lovely chickens were scratching
around. I did these watercolors last night of the hen and
the rooster. I need to finish up some things for the Paris
show later this fall. So I am back to doing some French
painting and drawing.
Original watercolors 11 x 14 $150.00 each
Pair of French Chickens

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Scripture Photos-Posters

I added the scripture texts on these photos, and I am
going to have them printed.
I took the lamp photo in New Orleans down in the
French Quarter. I love the long shadows cast by the
late afternoon sun. I thought the "lamp" scripture was
The birdhouses were in front of a cute shop in Boerne,
Texas. The name of the shop was "Bye, Bye, Birdie",
and they carried lots of bird merchandise, garden items,
gifts, etc. I've always liked the Joshua scripture...thought
it was good with these houses.
I made a trip down to Galveston, Tx after the hurricane
to take some clothing to First Baptist Church there. While
there, I took this photo on the beach...amidst the devastation.
I needed to be still, and just know that God was in control.
These photo posters will be for sale at the gallery. They
will be around 13 x 19, and will cost $65.00. They should
be ready in the next couple of weeks.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Final Portrait

I think I have this girl all finished. I think the
likeness is is always a challenge.
Now is a good time to order portraits for
Christmas gifts. They make great gifts for
spouses or grandparents. You can beat the
Christmas rush, and since I will be a little busy
with the October wedding! would be a good
time to order that special keepsake.
For info on portraits:

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wanderlust Show

We had the reception for the "Wanderlust" photography
show at the Pea Patch this evening. Raelene Pell is displaying
her photographs from trips to Europe, Argentina, Uruguay,
Honduras, Canada, Mexico, the Carribean, the Yucatan, and
the South. The show will last through the end of August.
Gallery hours are Monday thru Friday, 10-5, and 10-3 on
Pea Patch Gallery
109 S. Abel Winnfield, LA

Girl in Progress

I've been working on this drawing of this young lady.
It still needs some tweaking...I always get to this
point and think there is something not quite right-
will keep at it. Sometimes this is what people don't
understand about portraits, and how long they take.
You have to keep working on them till it is just right,
and sometimes it takes hours...days,, , , , weeks!!
Hopefully, this one will be complete sooner!
For info on portraits:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pencil Portrait - Young Lady

This is the photo of the girl that I have to draw next...I
will have to do some adjusting! I will leave the boyfriend
out of the picture! They wanted her hair up, so I will try
to do it as presented. It will be a challenge...I hope they like
the results. Will post when done.
for info on portraits:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Boy all Finished

I finished this portrait of this young man tonight. It looks
a lot better in person...the scanner never really scans
pencil drawings very well. I will start on his sister next.

for info on portraits: children's portraits, pet portraits,

11 x 14 Pencil portrait $150
16 x 20 Pencil portrait $250

Monday, July 20, 2009

ShowTime - Natchitoches Art Guild

I entered a couple of shows recently, and this is the only
piece that was accepted. It will be in the Natchitoches Art
Guild juried show. The opening reception is August 8th
from 7-9.
We will also have a reception this week at the Pea Patch
Gallery. Raelene Pell has an exhibit of her photography
in the gallery; photos from her trips to Paris, Peru, and
Argentina. It will be Thursday the 23rd from 5-7.

Pencil in Progress

I'm back to drawing...some commissions that I have to do.
I have to draw this young man and another young lady. I
just started...will work on it some more.
For information on pencil portraits:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dog gone...

Here's the pet portrait all finished. I will call her
and let her know it is ready. That's one thing off
my list!
For info on pet portraits, prices, etc

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

I started on this dog tonight. He belongs to a little old
lady named Imogene. And he is getting old..and she
wanted a portrait of him while he was still alive.
People are really involved with their animals. I am
lucky to get to draw them for people who love them.
I will continue working on this one, and will post when
For info on pet portraits:

Monday, July 13, 2009

Paris Pair

I finally got around to finishing these two little
Paris canvases. One has the Eiffel Tower, and
the other has the Arc de Triomphe. I am not
totally satisfied with how they turned out, but
someone may like them! I will put them in my
Etsy store, and see how they do.
I have several commissions to do, and I may start
them soon. (sometimes I have to get myself in the
mood....). But people are waiting for them, and I
need to get them done. I have a pet portrait, two
pencil portraits of teenagers, and a painting to do.
Time to get busy!
Original Paris Canvases: Metro and Bistro
$45.00 each 12 x 12 Gallery wrap Canvas
Ready to hang
If you buy through this blog, I will ship free!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Down South

Front porches, raised cottages, Lake Pontchartrain....
scenes from the weekend down South.
I was there taking care of some wedding details. It
all went well, and we are several steps closer!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Etsy...Art for Sale!

I am still adding some original paintings to my Etsy store: These are two I added tonight.
They are watercolor and acrylic on canvas; they are sealed,
and ready for hanging without a frame.
When I went to San Diego several years ago, I was very eager
to visit the zoo and see the pandas. I was not disappointed.
They were great. I took lots of photographs of them, and did
this painting from one of them.
The egret was closer to home, here in Louisiana. These graceful
white birds are everywhere in this state. It is fun to paint
something white because you are mostly painting the shadows.
I am still working on the Paris pair..will post soon.
Thanks for viewing this blog. I appreciate your support of my
work. If any of you decide to buy some art on the Etsy site,
I will ship it free! I will extend this offer thru the end of July.
Panda 16 x 20 $75.00
Egret 16 x 20 $75.00

Back to Paris...

I'm back to working on some things for the Paris show. I
was playing around with the poodle I am on
to these two. (That's how artists minds thing
leads to another's amazing we ever get anything
done!) Anyway, I have started painting the backgrounds
of the canvases, and part of the border. So, I should have
something to show you tomorrow night.
I will have the Paris show at the Pea Patch in the fall. It
will be here before we know it. I will have the large photos
that I worked on with the printer the other day. And
several watercolors that I have finished (already posted),
and then some of these whimsical things. I am going to
have some of my designs printed on some items, like
journals, bookmarks, magnets, t-shirts, etc. Will have
to get going on those soon!
(oh, and I am going to squeeze our daughter's wedding
in there, too!! woohoo!)
sketches for original acrylic paintings on canvas

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Etsy Animals

I have been listing a few more things on Etsy, the
website that sells handmade things. These two
paintings are on watercolor canvas, and are mixed
media: watercolor, acyrlic, colored pencil, and pencil.
They are large, 24 x 36, and would look great hung
together in a child's room, playroom, or safari or jungle
themed room.
We had the Photoshop class today; it was fun. I had a
young student who completed a photo collage of herself
from a variety of her own pictures. It turned out really
I am finally working on those square Paris paintings...
will post when finished.
Original Mixed Media Paintings: Lion and Pink Elephant
$250.00 each (ready to hang)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Paris Collage Two

This is the second in the Paris photo collage series.
It's a little busier than the first one...may tweak it
a little, or busy up the first one!
The winner of the photo collage is Jenny Ensminger!!
I will contact her, and see what we can come up with
for a collage for her. I know she has 3 kids, so we may
be able to combine all 3 in one collage. Will keep you
posted. Congratulations Jenny!

Paris Photo Collage

After I met with the printer the other day, I went back and
started putting together some of my photos into collages.
I like the black and white look with the red sign. I used a filter
on them that re-draws them in pastel and watercolor, and
then grouped them together in this design. I will do a matching
one later tonight.
I am teaching a photo collage class Monday night at the
Pea Patch from 5-7 pm. I have a couple of spots left if
anyone would like to come and join us. We will be learning
how to do just what you see in this post...scanning, cropping,
using artistic filters to alter the photos, and then combining
them on one page. Call the gallery before 2 pm to register.
I am getting ready to draw the winner for the blog give-away
of a custom photo collage. Will post later tonight.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Photo Time

I met with George, my printer, today. We worked on all
the Paris photos that he will enlarge for the show in the
fall. We picked out some neat ones; I'm sure they will be
spectacular. He enlarges them to 30 x 45, and prints them
on canvas, so they almost look like a painting.
He had these ready for me as well. These are printed on
archival paper, and are 16 x 20. The ocean
scene is from a trip to San Diego. The golden
aspens were in Santa Fe, and the
winter woods are in Winter Park ski
resort, where I met my
husband! They are beautiful as well.
I will mat and frame them up, and they will be for sale at
the gallery. I am doing some more in this scripture series,
and plan to do some coordinating notecards, journals, etc.
Hopefully, they will all be available before Christmas.
Remember, I will either draw the winner for the latest
giveaway tomorrow, or I will extend the deadline for a
few more to enter!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Give-Away Reminder

Just a reminder that I am giving away a 9 x 12 photo
collage on canvas. This is a sample of my dear friend,
Mattie Claire. I will do a collage from your photo,
in the colors that you choose. To enter for the drawing,
just leave me a comment or email your comment to
me. I was going to draw the winner on the 4th of July...
but only if I get some more qualifiers! Right now I only
have 2! So, get to commenting....and good luck!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Final Mill

This is the finished drawing of the old Gaar's Mill.
It was located northeast of Winnfield, and the
community there is called Gaar's Mill. If anyone
has some interesting info or history, feel free to
comment...I am sorry to say, I do not know much
about it.
I am getting my Etsy store up and running. It is
at I have some art listed
there that has previously been on this blog...but it
is easier to sell and list there altogether. Check it
I was registered to exhibit in the CAG show in
Alexandria, LA this month. I was making plans
to deliver the photographs next week. We received
a notice today that the show is postponed because
the museum flooded from an air conditioner malfunction,
and they don't know when the repairs will be complete.
What a hoot...I wonder what God is telling me about my
art career?€!
I only have one person entered in the giveaway...and she
won the last leave me a comment or email me to
get in the running!!

Return to the Mill

Back last century (ha!), I taught a young man named
Don McIntyre in my Gifted and Talented Visual Arts class.
My classes always did drawings of local landmarks to be
included in a calendar that we sold each year as a fundraiser.
This old mill, Gaar's Mill, was the subject of one of Don's
drawings. One of the members of the Gaar family bought
the original drawing. They brought it to me this week, and
wanted to know if I could draw another one for them, so
I agreed. How wierd is the teacher copying her students'
drawing?! Anyway, this is the start of it.

As for Don, he works at the Wind River Ranch in
Colorado. A Christian dude ranch of sorts...I have not been
there, but he sends me their newsletter, and it looks wonderful..
They have cabins and all kinds of family activities for their
guests; check out their website:
It would make a great family destination.

I also heard from someone who purchased my latest travel
sketchbook from Paris; she was on the trip as well. And she
said it was even "better than she expected!" Thanks, Bea

don't forget about the latest give-away...a photo collage using
your favorite photo of whatever you like, in the style and
colors you prefer...just leave me a comment or email me to
enter...I will draw the winner this Saturday, the 4th.