Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Time in Chartres

Some views of the quaint little village of Chartres, just
out of Paris, and home to the Chartres Cathedral. These
cottages and charming streets were within the shadow
of the cathedral. It seemed like time had not passed...
I am using these images in some collages...will continue to
work on them tonight.
I am still planning to give away the Eiffel Tower photo
print at the end of the day tomorrow (the 30th). You can
check back a few posts, and find it. I will draw a name
from among the followers. good luck!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Which Way to the Metro?

These are a couple of Paris photos that I digitized and
printed up for the upcoming Paris show. I like them in
black and white.
Metro Photos 18 x 22 $35.00

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Have a Blue Christmas

I have been trying to decide about the Christmas shirts
for this year. I sent the design to the printer, and he
thought it would look good on a blue shirt. I never really
considered one for this design, but I really like it. Since I
am using a lot of country French merchandise along with the
Paris artwork, this would go real well.
I am ordering some goodies from a company called The
French Farm. You can check out their website:
www.thefrenchfarm.com and see some of their
wonderful French products. I am ordering some candy
and some cookies. I am also getting some lavender sachets
from a company called Limauge Boutique. When I get
everything in, and all set up, I will post some pics of the
gallery dressed up in all it's French glory.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Monet Times Two

I have been working on some Paris things, just
haven't been taking the time to blog!
This is a pair of Monet collages with some old
photos of Monet himself, copies of his paintings,
and some vintage labels. I am planning to do a
large one that will kind of match these.
I am getting close to wrapping up the Paris
exhibit. The opening reception will be sometime
"after the wedding." That is my current phrase
right now, and my answer to every question:
"after the wedding!" It is only 3 weeks away, and
fast approaching.
Monet Photo Collages 9 x 12 on canvas $45.00 each

Monday, September 21, 2009

Finished Vintage

This is the large collage, 24 x 36, of various Paris
scenes, etc. I used the two pen and ink litho copies,
as well as some enlarged postcards, and stamps, labels,
and various paper.
I plan to do a Monet one next. I have some great images
of the gardens, Japanese bridge, wisteria, and some neat
photos of Monet himself. should be fun...
Paris Collage-Vintage 24 x 36 $150.00

Vintage Pen and Ink

(I am uploading these images smaller...at least they are
This is a pair of pen and ink lithographs that I bought
several years ago in a junk shop. They were framed and
rather dusty, back in a corner....absolute hidden treasures.
They were here in Louisiana, and I suppose someone
visited Paris long ago, bought them as souvenirs, and then
no one wanted them when it came time to divide up the
household. I bought them for a song. The top one is Notre
Dame with the charming fishermen in the foreground. The
other one is the famous Opera House.
I am using them in another collage I am working on. I made
enlarged copies of them, and I am combining them with some
vintage postcards, labels, etc.

Collage Times Two

I am probably the ONLY person on the planet that is trying
to blog with a dial-up connection?! I haven't been able to post
for a couple of nights, because my connection has been partial
at best...I finally gave up. Maybe tonight it will cooperate!

I have been busy doing some more pieces for the upcoming
Paris show. I have fallen in love with collage...it is so much
fun, and easy to do. (I am having a few hand problems..and
drawing and painting are slightly difficult right now). But I can
cut and paste. This pair features some copies of vintage Paris
postcards, and some vintage labels and various papers. They are
12 by 12 on canvas.
Pair of Paris Collages 12 x 12 $45.00 each

Friday, September 18, 2009

A whole lotta grass...

I love to dig in the dirt and plant things. I have always
wanted some of this purple fountain grass in my yard,
but never really had a good place for it. So last spring, I
just dug up some bushes by the front sidewalk, and
planted some. This is the second year, and I still love
it just as much. When the late afternoon sun hits it, it
just illumines the feathery grasses.
This text is from a hymn, "Crown Him with Many Crowns".
I thought it went with the "regal" looking photo.
Scripture Photo "Lord of All" 12 x 18 $35.00

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cyndi's Snowman Shirt

My good friend, Cyndi, is planning to do a Christmas
t-shirt for children this year. This is her design...isn't
it cute! She is thinking of doing it on a hot pink shirt,
with lime green accents. They will be available at the
Pea Patch, and maybe in her etsy store. Will post the
finished product in a couple of weeks.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Seeing Quadruple/New Give-Away

New Give-Away
Been playing around with these Eiffel Tower images...
printed them up on my new large format printer. The
image is 12 x 18, printed on Canon art paper. This can
be my next give-away! I will draw a name from my
followers list, and give this away at the end of the month.
So if you are not currently a follower...sign up, and
you could be eligible for this free print.

Eiffel Tower 4 12 x 18 print $35.00

Paris Pair

Worked tonight on these two photo collages. They are
photos of a couple of bakeries in France. The top one was
in Chartres, just outside of Paris. It is a quaint little town
where the wonderful Chartres Cathedral is located. This
was a little bakery on a side street. The other bakery is
on Montmartre in Paris. It was made famous in several
paintings by some of the Impressionists.
These are 12 x 12 photo collages on canvas.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Painting with a Twist

I am in Mandeville at my daughter's for the weekend, and
I stumbled across the neatest business. It is called: "Corks and
Canvas". It is a franchised art business that offers art classes
where you get to drink wine! Anyway, there is one in Baton
Rouge, and I looked in the window. There were about 30 women
in there all painting the same thing, step by step, along with an
instructor. You can check out their website: www.corksandcanvas.com

I think I need to try something along this line at my gallery. Maybe
Watercolor and Watermelon...or Pasta and Paint, or Chocolate and
Crafts...will think some more.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Final Photo Collage

Here's the finished photo collage that I did as a give-away.
If you have any photos that you think would make a good
keepsake, I can do one for you too. You could choose pics
of children, pets, a house or cabin, a vacation, a wedding,
etc.This is on a 12 x 12 gallery-wrapped canvas, and is sealed .
for info on photo collages:
12 x 12 photo collage $45.00

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This is It

Alright, here is the final design for the Christmas shirt.
I did add the fleur de lis...thanks to Cyndi, and I think
it does "French" it up. I am not sure if if needs black
outlines around the letters; will talk to the printer about
that. But I like it... It will be printed on a long sleeved
white t-shirt and will be on sale at the gallery starting
the night of Open House, which is Nov. 12. Or you can
contact me thru this blog, and I can send you one wherever
you are.
I added the words on the photo collage for Jenny...will try
to post tomorrow. It turned out really cute.
My printer, George, brought the rest of my finished Paris
prints on canvas today, and I am so excited! they look great.
I will have to get them stretched and/or framed before November.
I will post a couple of them, too.
Christmas T-Shirts $21.00 Free shipping if
purchased through the blog!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Free Photo Collage

Awhile back, I offered to give away a photo collage, and
Jenny won. So, she emailed me these photos from the
family vacation to the mountains. And tonight, I have
been working on this for her. I don't know if she would like
me to add some words..I will ask her. It could have the location,
or "Give me a home...where the buffalo roam!" (corny...I know)
Anyway, you can't tell from the picture, but the buffalo are
on a raised mount, so they are above the canvas. I hope she
likes it...stay tuned.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Fount

I've been working on several of these scripture photos that
will hang in the choir room at the FBC in Winnfield. Most
of them include a song lyric, or psalm.
This fountain was in Trafalgar Square in London, and I took
the photograph last spring.

Here I go again

I thought I had decided on the Christmas t-shirt
design. But I started sketching around again tonight
(while the Tigers play), and I kind of like this one, too.
Since the theme of the art show this year will be Paris,
I thought the shirt should be more "frilly" or "French"
(whatever that looks like?!) Anyway, short of using
a fleur de lis...this one looks more French to me.
And I don't know where the dots are in Noel...over the
o or the e? Someone let me know please! (Brian, I know
you know!)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Eiffel Found a Home

I was busy in the gallery setting up part of the Paris
show today. It is not quite all ready; I still have lots
of framing to do. Some good customers stopped by,
and fell in love with this piece. So, I let them buy it
and take it with them. I usually try to keep the show
all together, but with the economy like it is, I was
grateful for any sale!!
Eiffel Tower original watercolor $150.00 SOLD

T shirt-Color option #1

First color option for the Christmas t-shirt...will do
a couple more...I welcome your suggestions!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Christmas T-Shirt design

Every year for the last ten years or so, I have designed and
printed a special Christmas t-shirt to sell in the gallery. I am
starting to work on the design. I like this text; it is from a
Christmas hymn. Since the theme for the Christmas season
this year will be French (since I went to Paris...), I like the
"noel". I will be exhibiting and selling all the artwork from
the Paris trip in the gallery, too. So, I like to coordinate it
all (usually!). I will play around with this for a couple of days.
I am still waiting to hear from the winner of the Tea shirt...
Peaches.Gulino You can contact me and let me know where
to send the shirt...congrats!

Hawaii Wonder

Another scripture photo...I took this picture during a trip
to Hawaii in 2001. I was fascinated by the lava rocks on the
beach..the contrast of the black rocks against the white surf..
just beautiful.
The text is not actually a scripture; it is the lyrics to a hymn.
'This is My Father's World" is a favorite, and this is part of
a verse. "I rest me in the thought; of rocks and trees, of skies
and seas, His hand the wonders wrought." did He ever....

An Invitation

This is another one of the things that I do: I paint on wedding
invitations, and then custom frame them. This one has a neat
black ribbon adorning it, and I just went with some green ivy,
kinda classic. It will be a gift to the bride from one of my customers.
I hope she will be pleased.
For info on painted invitations: sheltongail@hotmail.com
$15.00 hand-painted invitation