Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Putting his Stamp on It

This is the new Louisiana "Forever" Stamp...a
commerative stamp put out by the USPS.  The
photograph was taken by C. C. Lockwood,
a prominent photographer here in the state.  He
has published several photography books, and
continues to work for the conservation of the
wetlands and other endangered environments.
He co-authored a book, "Marsh Mission:
Capturing the Vanishing Wetlands" with Rhea Gary,
a Baton Rouge artist who specializes in painting
the waterways of south Louisiana in bold, colorful
oil paintings.  I have seen her work, and have always
liked it.  And his photography is outstanding as well.
You can look them up, and let me know what you
think.  And go out and buy some stamps!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

To Draw or Not to Draw

Trying to get back in the groove here...I have
several more drawings to do for people for
Christmas.  These are two adorable sisters,
and this is for their grandmother.  That is my
simple drawing desk...where all the "magic"
happens..ha!  I sit there for hours at a time,
depending on what I am working on.  It feels
like "home" to me, and I enjoy looking out the
window at the world outside.  Maybe it will
keep me seated and focused!!

For info on Children's Portraits:
email me

Sunday, November 27, 2011


 "Come before Him with thankful hearts...

 Let us sing psalms of praise....
 For the Lord is a great God, the King of
all the earth....

He controls the formation of the depths 
of the earth and the mightiest mountains."
Psalm 95 

Enjoyed a great weekend with family, giving thanks
for all our blessings.  Hope you and yours were able
to do the same.

Friday, November 25, 2011

What a Day of Football

As most of you know, I am an LSU fan, and there
was a very important game today!  The LSU team
managed to beat the Arkansas Razorbacks today
in a very exciting match. 
And then tonight, our local Winnfield Tigers were
in a playoff game as well, and they won in overtime!
Whew...I am worn out.  It is just too much excitement
for an old lady!!

Geaux Tigers!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all enjoyed a great Thanksgiving day
with family and friends.  We always try to take our
Christmas card picture while we are together.  This
is our selected shot for this year.  We had a lot of
fun traveling around and posing in the beautiful
autumn woods around our home.  I use the timer on
the camera, and then run and get in the picture...
which leads to laughter in itself quite often.  I will
save those "out takes" just for us!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

River Oaks Events

I dropped off the artwork at River Oaks
today.  They are also having a Porch Sale...
which involves art from dozens of local and
regional artists.  It will all be on sale on Saturday
December 3rd from 9-3pm.  Unique Christmas
gifts, ceramics, paintings, photography, jewelry,
and lots more, on the porch of the Bolton home
and the studio annex building.
I also took a couple of watercolors for this
sale, too.  It should be good fun!

River Oaks
1330 Main Street
Alexandria, LA  318-473-2670

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mini Show

River Oaks Art Center in Alexandria sponsosrs
a miniature art show every December.  I did
these little watercolors last night to enter in the
show.  This year's entry had to include a quote.
I used two bird quotes that I am fond of:

"No bird soars too high if
he soars with his
own wings"

"The bird does not sing
because he has an
The bird sings because he has a

I noticed that a lot of galleries sponsor miniature
shows around the holidays.  I believe patrons are
more apt to purchase small works as gifts, and
these are more appropriate for gift giving. 
You can check these out:  Miniature Masterpieces  Holiday Miniature Show  Holiday Small Works Show

The show at River Oaks has an opening reception on
December 2nd from 5-7.  The dates for the exhibit and
sale are November 29-January 14, 2012.  Business
hours are 10-4 Tuesday thru Friday   Saturday 10-2
River Oaks Art Center
Downtown Alexandria, Louisiana

Child's Portrait

I finished up this drawing last night, and I talked
to the client today.  She is coming to pick it up
early in December.  I may still tweak a little!!

For info on Children's Portaits:

11 x 14 Pencil Portrait  $150
Can be custom framed

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Go Tigers...plural

I live in a town where the high school mascot is a
tiger.  I also live in a state where the state school
mascot is a tiger.  So, I can market and sell this tiger
print in two different color schemes!!  The red is
for the Winnfield Tigers, who are undefeated, and
are in the playoffs;  and I can also sell purple and
gold matted tigers for the #1 LSU fighting tigers!
So, all you tigers out there, get fired up! And do your
best this Friday.  Make us all proud! And come in
and buy a print for your favorite tiger fan.

Tiger Prints  Matted 12 x 16  $40

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Loose Ends

 I can get so many things going at once, it can
become overwhelming.  As the "token" artist in
town, I am "commissioned " to do lots of things for paint a grandbaby's name on a rocking
 ...this is for Kate for Christmas from her
 ..this old wooden box now is adorned with
a daughter's monogram...(that paint in the bowl
looks like a fried egg?!)...

...and now this old door is a chalkboard and corkboard
for someone's office.
I spent the afternoon finishing up these projects so I can
concentrate on the children's portraits I have to do! 
My problem is that I can't tell anyone "no", and
this time of year, I just want everyone to be
happy.  I do enjoy having a hand in someone's
special gift at Christmas...I think that is what
the season is supposed to be about!

For Info on any special ideas or projects
you may want done:

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Little Boy Blue

I started working on this cute little boy
tonight.  Will continue on the shirt (ugh, I
hate plaid!)...and tweak a little more.

For Info on Children's Portraits:

Friday, November 18, 2011

Final Molly

I think I am finished with this drawing, and now it
is on to the next one!

For Info on Children's Portraits

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Time to Draw

With Christmas fast approaching, I have to get
busy drawing several children's portraits for gifts
for several clients.  I work from the customer's
photograph or take some myself.  If it is a color
photograph, I scan it and print it out in black and
white.  It is much easier to see the shadows and
draw them with a black and white subject. 

It always seems like I get to this point in the year
with many to do!  But most of the customers don't
think to commission me until the holiday season
turns their thoughts to much for trying
to get them done in the summer!

For info on Children's Portraits or Pet Portraits:
email me   (can't guarantee Christmas delivery now)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mentor Time

I am sure I have talked about the Senior Project
class they offer in the high schools here in our parish.
The seniors select an area of study that they know
very little about, and then enlist a mentor to teach
them about that subject.  They must meet with the
mentor a certain amount of time, and then they must
complete a project from the study.  And they must
write a paper about the experience and the subject.
I think it is a great program, and I have been a mentor
for several students over the last couple of years.

I currently have another one.  Emily wanted to learn all
about photography, and then do a finished print as her
project.  We have been meeting for a couple of weeks
learning about the camera, photography techniques and
lighting, and composition.  Sunday afternoon we were
able to get away for a little while and actually take some
pictures!  Here she is out at the Kisatchie National Forest
taking in the fall foliage.  I liked the ones of the trees
reflecting in the water, cool.  Now we will get together
and edit some of these in the computer.  ( I enjoy getting
to teach a little without grading papers or checking roll!)

Sunday, November 13, 2011


We had a great time down at the football
game over the weekend.  The band did a
wonderful salute to the USA in honor of
Veteran's day, spelling out USA and displaying
the American flag.  You can also see the
fine "eye of the tiger" that they paint on the
field.  That is all the "art of the day" I can
share today!  Hope you had a blessed

Friday, November 11, 2011

LSU Bound

The Tigers play at home again tomorrow night,
and hopefully I will be there to watch them win
another one!! Geaux Tigers!

A Closer Look

I have been studying and examining these swamp
photos trying to decide where to crop, etc.  Look
what I noticed!  Right there on that log is a water
mocassin, sunning himself a few feet away from the
egret.  Luckily, it was very I am sure the
snake was moving slowly...not that he could swallow
that long legged bird!  But he might like to try!  yuk

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Homes, Oaks and Gardens

 We also had time on Monday to visit a couple
of the historic plantation homes between Baton
Rouge and New Orleans.  This is Houmas House.
 This is the famous Oak Alley, located near the
town of Vacherie.  These oaks are close to 300
years old.  wow
 Houmas House has beautiful gardens, and this
lovely water lily was still blooming, even in
 The water lily was near this Japanese water
garden and bridge
 This is a different view of Oak Alley.  I have
a customer who wants a large photo on canvas
of one of the plantation homes.
This is my friend and guide on the trip,
Mr. Bob Carroll.  You can really see the scale of
the trees with him in the picture!  They are quite
astonishing.  There were lots of tourists there for a
Monday, and I had to wait a long time to be able
to take a photograph of the house without any
people.  I managed to get a few in between tours,
and I hope the client will want one of them.

Houmas House Plantation Tours
Oak Alley Plantation Tours

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Favorite Pics

 Here are some of my favorites from the
other day spent in the swamp....this
egret caught on the fly...
 ....this smiling gator who managed to
stay away from Troy...
 ...this balancing act performed by this
lovely heron ballerina...
and the cream of the crop...these two
magnificent eagles..a nesting pair that we
pursued through the swamp until I managed to
capture this moment on film (so to speak...)

I have begun printing these images and they
are all available for sale.  Some of them
would make a great gift for the sportsman or
outdoor enthusiast in your life.

Small  6 x 9  $35.00
Medium  11 x 14  $55.00
Large  12 x 18  $75.00
They can also be custom framed.  I have
several examples at the gallery to choose from

Monday, November 7, 2011

Falling for Cypress

 I wanted to visit the south Louisiana swamp
areas again this fall for this reason:  the cypress
turn this beautiful rust color...
 of course, some trees have lost all their
leaves, and found some birds...
 the colors reflect in the water
all look really cool...

I just returned from the short trip, and here
are just a few of the landscape photos.
I love the colors in the fall, and these
display it pretty well.  This was
early in the morning out in the water.