Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dancer Progress

I made a little progress on this drawing over the last couple of stormy days!
I am using the Gamsol on the black background to smooth it out.  The
costume is a lot of fun...lots of colors and patterns.  These dancers were
called "scissor dancers", and they had some kind of scissors in their
hands that made a noise while they danced.  You can see a pair of those
in his hand.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Boots and Bags

Here is the finished boot window, with Texas star hanging hooks,
and an antique wooden scroll at the bottom.  Would be great in an entry way,
laundry room, or hallway to hang up your purse, keys, umbrella, etc

Close up of the hanging hook, with a horse shoe

And woohoo!!! My first bags arrived today, and they are great!  They are
jute (like burlap) in green with rope handles.  They are lined on the inside
with a khaki colored fabric.  They are on sale now, and they are
$25 each.  They can be paired with the teacup trivets, or our tea cup
t-shirts for a great gift!

Tea Cup Bag  $25.00  Free Shipping!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Get a Kick out of Art

An oId window frame with no gIass.  I added some beaded board strips up the middIe

I am painting a Iong narrow canvas with bIack!

This is the boot photo I took the other day.  I printed it, and I am going to mount it on the
painted canvas.  Then I am going to attach it to the beaded board strips in the middIe of
the window!  You''II wiII aII come together.

(If my typing Iooks funny...the Ietter I is acting as my Ietter "eII"
won't work..bizarre)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Boots, Boots, and More Boots

Had fun today photographing some oId boots.  I borrowed some, and some
are my husband's!  I arranged them severaI different ways, and shot them
from a Iot of angIes.  These are some of my favorites.  I wiII be using them
in some artwork projects in the next coupIe of days.

If you have a favorite, Iet me know!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Time to Laugh, Time to Cry

Before the party...

This is the only thing I helped with!

Supplies for doing a scrapbook page

Strawberry Cake with pull charms

Smiling bride, bridesmaids, and flower girl!

The cafe was the scene of a Bridesmaid's luncheon today.  It was
hosted by my sister in law and her daughter for a friend.  Laura is my niece's
friend (the one I did the invitation for), and she is in the wedding.  They
did a great job; it was all so cute.  The guests did a scrapbook page for the
bride, enjoyed some lunch, pulled the lucky charms in the cake,
and cried when they read a letter from the groom! 
Congratulations to Laura and Oliver...Best Wishes!

For info on renting the Cafe:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our Love is like a Tree

This is a cute couple getting married soon.  This is
in London this summer, right after they were engaged!

This is the tree where he popped the question, in St. James Park

And so this is the invitation that I decorated for them.  It had
a lovely twisted trunk, and was very interesting.
Hope they like it!

For info on Decorated Wedding Invitations:
email me or call the gallery:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Eagle is Landing

Adding a little at a time on this drawing...
mostly on his costume.

Detail of the eagle on the to draw

I am still working on this Peruvian dancer.  I will have
a show at Christmas in the gallery of works from my trip
to Peru.  I already have a couple of watercolors, and I
will add this drawing to the mix (if I finish it in time!)

Monday, August 20, 2012

On the Fringe

Adding a little more to this drawing; some of the fringe.
 It is very slow going....lots of little, bitty detail!  But it is not
like most of what I draw; a very different subject matter, so it is
fun for me.  Challenging as well.
We will see how it all turns out.

To see some more colored pencil art in progress, go to
Colored Pencil Artists and Lovers  on Facebook

There are a lot of really great artists posting their work on there.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Blue Man...No Group

Made some more progress on this drawing late tonight (had some
company this weekend)

Still have a lot to go!

I worked a little on this drawing this weekend.  It is a lot of fun! 
Will keep you posted....

Friday, August 17, 2012

Student Art Show

Some of the 20th anniversary student art show

This is an acrylic painting by my daughter,
Hannah Schneider....great job!

Have you watched "Say Yes to the Dress"?  Randy Fenoli went to high school in
Winnfield!  I taught him watercolor during my student teaching, and this is
a painting by him.  Cool, huh?!

These are some of the paintings by some of my adult students.
These women used to travel with me all over the
place: Grand Canyon, Charleson and Savannah,
Big Bend, Alaska, and Costa Rica!

This painting is a copy of one of Monet's (I think).  This student graduated in 1992,
but he still enjoys painting.  He just did this one.  He owns and runs a computer
business in town,.

This is a colored pencil drawing by another student who graduated in 1992.
He works as a plumber in Houston!

This is a sampling of the student art show at the gallery now.
There will be a reception on Sept 6 from 4-6.
Come by and check it out!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A little of This, A little of That

Giclee print of some Narcissus in Pots   The original was sold several years
ago.  I sold this print in the gallery this week.  Someone bought it as a gift
for a friend.

8 x 8 trivet printed with my design!
These came in today...very excited.

The other trivet design...along with the original painting that
inspired it!

Birdhouse scripture photo     This was framed and sold to a couple that
lost their house to a tornado a little over a year ago. 

This is a watercolor that I did years ago.  A customer brought it in,
and wanted it framed.  It is ready to go!

And this is the progress I made on this drawing tonight...still a long way
to go.

Busy day today...I sold some artwork/framed some more/ unpacked
the finished trivets that were received today/ and worked on this
drawing tonight.  And helped serve lunch!
Hope you had a great and productive day as well.

I have also contacted all of the CPSA members in the state (
only 11 of us!) to see if we can get together for a meeting.  I have offered
to hold an exhibit at the gallery of all of our work...should
be really cool.  I hope I hear from all of them soon.

8 x 8 Trivets  $24.95

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Made a little bit of progress on this drawing last night.  I will be doing the
face tonight...because if I don't get the face right, I might as well stop!
So, I will continue to build up some layers of colored pencil blue tones
and shape the values of the face.  It has shadows from the hat across
the face too, so that complicates it.  Should be fun!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Drawing the Dance

I came home from the Colored Pencil convention really
wanting to draw something!  I have been going through some
of my photos, and I came across this one from Peru.
These dancers performed in Lima, and they had scissors in
their hands that made noise as they opened and
closed them while they danced.  Their costumes
were fabulous, and I love this photo.  I would love to try
it in colored I think I will get started!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sunflower Squared

I am still playing around with colored pencil and the Gamsol liquid.
I am working on this sunflower  I will probably add some
pastel and some marker before I am finished.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sales and Smiles

Watercolor of old house in Santa Fe

Watercolor rooster with colored pencil accents

Dr. Calvin Phelps and his tiger print: "Rolling in the Deep"
 Had an enjoyable day in the gallery today.  I sold the top two
paintings to a collector from Monroe, LA.  She had already
bought a print awhile back, and wanted to add some originals.
She liked those two paintings: the old house near Santa Fe, and
the rooster.  I painted the old house while out in New Mexico
during a workshop.  The aspen trees were turning that fall, and
added the color to the landscape.  The rooster was one that I
photographed in Monet's garden in Giverny, France.  He was
strutting all around the garden, and I thought he was so handsome.
I decided to let him extend onto the mat around the painting....
with some colored pencil accents.  She really liked that touch.

And that is the winner of our tiger print giveaway last Friday.
He was very excited and happy!  He said his sons are already
fighting over it.  I hope he manages to hang onto it!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pinnochio and Gondolas

The Cincinnati Art Museum 
Old ink drawing of Venice

Another ink sketch of Venice

Oil painting of the city and a gondola

While I was in Cincinnati, I had the chance to visit the art museum.  It is in a
lovely part of the city, in a park high on a hill overlooking the Ohio river.

One of the collections on display was all about Venice (one of my very
favorite places).  Some of the local artists had traveled there early
in the 1900's and these were some of the resulting art pieces.
I really like the drawings.  As an artist who works on paper, I always
like to see drawings that survive, and are considered important
works of art in any museum.  It made me want to come home
and drag out my Venice photos, and do something!

The large Pinocchio stature was outside. I am not sure
about the story behind it...will have to look  it up.
It did make me smile!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fantasy Faces

"I Turn the World to Ice"  Dean Rogers   Michigan

Another portrait by Dean

I met this young artist at the CPSA convention.  He is sooo talented, and is
an up and coming artist in the colored pencil world. The top piece was an award winner
at the show.   He lives in Michigan, and works at a bakery.  I believe he would like to be a fulltime artist, and I hope that he is able to realize that dream.  His work is well rendered and blended.  It is extremely hard to get colored pencil to look like an oil painting!   I look forward to seeing more work from this
talented young artist in the future.

Dean Rogers  colored pencil artist