Friday, March 29, 2013

Painted Buckets

My friend Cyndi paints the cutest things...these are her Easter baskets
that she is selling through the shop.  She can paint on almost anything,
and does gift totes for birthday parties, personalized crayon boxes,
pebgboards and chalkboards, etc.  Think about ordering
something soon from her...for a special occasion, or just a

Cyndi Beaubouef
Pea Patch Gallery

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Oh, the weather outside is Frightful"

"...the whole earth is full of His glory...."
Isaiah 6:3

I have been busy and out of pocket lately.
I haven't had much time to do any
artwork.  Spring is a restless time...
wanting to get outside, start new projects,
travel...and the weather is still not
cooperating.  Really cool nights and
unreasonably windy days...have
prevented me from many things on my
to do list.  Hope to get out in the
yard this week, and back at my drawing
table as well.  Hope you all have a
blessed and beautiful Easter celebration
wherever you whatever weather.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Finished up this drawing for the CPSA show...have
titled it: "Spring Cleaning"
8 x 18  Prismacolor pencil on Arches WC paper

Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Orleans Frame-Up

I finished up some framing for a customer over
the weekend.  This is a Jazz Fest Poster
from New Orleans.  I really like the wonderful
colors and style of this one.

This is her other print, called "Post Mardi Gras Magnolia."
After the parades in New Orleans, there are always beads
left hanging in the trees.  This artist has captured the whole
idea very well!

For your custom framing needs, just call us
or bring it by.  I enjoy helping customers pick out the perfect
mat and frame.  We have lots of moldings and mats
available, from formal to rustic, and everything in between.
Pea Patch Gallery  1-318-628-3560

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Greek Revival

Still setting up parts of the shop with some
artwork...These are some Greek collages.

Greek Revival:  Here is a "Greek" corner...with some of my
artwork from my trip to Greece a couple of years ago.
I decided to bring it all back out, and fill up this nook.

I really enjoyed hanging this up today...I remember where
I was when I took the photos.  Greece was a
 beautiful full of history.  I have a
couple more watercolors to add to this...I need
to finish framing them.

I hope you will come in and re-visit some of
this Greek corner.  There are some cute
little notecards that I made as well. 
Hope to see you soon...opah!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Bent on Drawing

Just a little "work in progress", this drawing of a
preening flamingo.  I have to have another piece for a
show entry, and I thought I could do this quickly.
Looking for a title...if anything comes to mind!

Monday, March 11, 2013

An Original Gift

We have been working on getting things back in place in
the gallery, since we took down the latest show by Shay Kelley.
This is the "Paris" corner, with the large window photo of the
Eiffel Tower, some smaller photos of Paris, and a couple of
And in this corner, we have hung the
"Glory Bee Graphics" scripture photos.  I have several
of the large framed pieces, smaller framed ones,
some matted prints, and the gallery-wrapped canvas prints.
The image of the boots, the birdhouses, and the butterfly continue to
be everyone's favorites!

It's a great time to buy some original art:
1.  Spring cleaning- While you are cleaning out and straightening
up at your home, make some room for something new on your wall,
or on an easel on a table.  It will lift your spirits to view it each day.
2.  Wedding Season- We have several brides registered
at the shop, and I know there are lots of weddings coming up
 this spring and summer.
Why not give them some original art as a gift?  It will
be something you will be remembered by, and the
couple will cherish your thoughtfulness, and treasure the
artwork for years to come.
3.  Mother's Day and Graduation- Two of the biggest gift
giving events will soon be on the calendar.  Why not commission
a piece of art for your mom?  or your graduate?  How
about a house portrait, or a pet portrait?  Why not
buy your mom a beautiful scripture photo with her
favorite verse on it?  Or give one to that special
graduate?  It will be a unique and creative gift that
the recipient will appreciate far into the future.

So, come in and browse through the art gallery...something
may just tickle your
fancy...something for yourself or for someone on your list.
We look forward to seeing you, and helping you make
that special memory.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Waiting to Exhale

I am so ready for Spring....

"See, I make all things new"

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Through the Looking Glass

I had some time today to work on these windows.
This one has a fabric pin board, and chalkboard top.
I put a piece of beaded board across the seam.

I added this crown hook, and I will have to add
some backing to seal up the back.

I had made this one earlier, but it needed some
repairs.  It is for is $50.  It is made of vintage
beaded board, some porch posts, and some hooks.

I also repaired this one.  It is a chalkboard, edged with vintage
beaded board, and some other choice pieces of old
stuff.  It is hanging from a porch post with some burlap
ribbon.  It is also $50.00, and it is at the Pea
Patch Gallery.

I also finished up this one...adding the vintage border on the
left side, and the hanging post.  It is one of my scripture photos
of the mountains in Utah.  It is $75.00.

I am planning to make several more of these
"window art" pieces.  They will all be on display at
the gallery.  If I can do a custom one for you,
just let me know!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Smoke gets in Your Eyes

Sunset tonight at my house...the sky is filled with smoke.
We live near the Kisatchie National Forest, and at this time of
year, they do some control burning of the
undergrowth.  It makes it very smoky, and gives the
sky a wierd mood.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tape, Paint, and Happiness

Having fun in class today...lots of masking tape all
over the watercolor paper.  Now that it is dry..Kate is
pulling it off...revealing white paper.

And Anna pulling hers too

Finished projects!

Smiles and artwork!

More classes today..lots of fun with masking tape,
watercolor and straws to blow the paint around with.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Time for Tuesday Classtime

Time for my Tuesday class again.  I have a group of
adults who just want to learn some basics...these two are
good friends, and they drive in from out of town.

And this is Jordan, my high school student, still working
with watercolor for her high school project.

And Dana is learning watercolor too...doing very well.

And that is me, adding my two cents worth to an
area she wanted darker.

I still love teaching, and I am blessed to get to
do it often, in all kinds of situations.  If you are interested in
a class, just get in touch with me, and I will let you know what is
available.  It is always fun, and rewarding to learn something
new.  I also do the children's classes on Wednesdays; ages 10 and up.

All of Louisiana on one Page

This is Jordan, my high school student that I have been
mentoring each week.  This is her finished watercolor
of Louisiana stuff.  She drew it and painted
it all by herself.

She did the painting to enter in a competition.  She should
hear something this next week.  Good job, and
good luck!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Eagle Expert

Another change of pace today...My friend works for the U. S.
Forest Service, and this weekend, they were
sponsoring a bald eagle seminar.  The lecture was held at Tunk's
Cypress Inn down on Kincaid Lake. So, this afternoon,
I joined the group there to learn about our bald eagles.

This was the featured presenter, David Hancock of Vancouver, BC. 
He has spent his life studying West coast and arctic wildlife. 
He has published several books, including "The Bald Eagle of
Alaska, BC, and Washington".  He gave an informative
lecture on the birds, along with some great
personal stories from his experiences over the years.

After the lecture, we drove out to Kincaid lake, in the Kisatchie National
Forest, to view the eagle's nest.  This is one of the recreational areas on the lake.

It was a beautiful day to be outside....we were
blessed with plenty of sunshine.

This was my first view of the we walked along the trail.

A little closer view...he said the female was on the nest,
and the young birds had already hatched.

We got was just a pelican!

This is my only photo of the eagle...that is his tail sticking out
over the edge of the nest!  I needed to be somewhere besides on
the ground...under them!

And here are the rest of the white pelicans that I saw on
the way out.  All in all, it was a lovely day, spent enjoying
God's glorious creation.

Hancock Wildlife Foundation
They do streaming video on this site...check it out and
see if you can watch the eagles

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Traveling Cupcakes

My cupcake bags took a road trip today...all the way to Lafayette, LA.
I had contacted the cupcake bakery, Lil Bite o' Heaven, and
they were interested in carrying the bags in their shop.

This is a sign inside their cute store...
They wanted to see one of the bags in person, so I took them
some down there today.

And these are some of their delicious cupcakes....Rocky Road...yum

And some Key Lime...oooh tart and sweet!

There is also a wonderful cupcake bakery in Alexandria, LA.
It is called "Little Cakes, Big Attitude".  They also
wanted to see a bag, so I dropped one off there as well.

They make some other scruptious things too

And I just had to bring some home!
Lots of dessert tonight!

Hopefully, both of these little shops will carry my bags.
I would like to have them in at least one cupcake
shop in each major city in Louisiana.  Sounds
like a plan!!

Lil Bite o Heaven  1509 Ambassador Caffery
Lafayette, LA 
Little Cakes, Big Attitude  Jackson Street Extension
Alexandria, LA
Both of these are on Facebook...check them out, and
try some cupcakes!

Market Fest Poster

It's that time again for the Market Fest...the annual opening of
the Farmer's market downtown.  They called and wanted some
designs for the poster.  Here are my initial sketches.

 This is the one they chose. And here is the color sample.  I hope they like it. 
 It is done with Sharpie marker and Prismacolor markers. 
Very simple design...maybe
"less is more".