Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Assembly Required

This is one of the windows I put together this weekend. 
It incorporates an old window frame, some beaded
board, a hook, and one of my
scripture prints on canvas.  Some burlap
ribbon holds it up!

This one is a cork board, with some beaded board as a frame.
And burlap ribbon holds this one too.

This window was originally a cabinet door.  I made a
chalkboard to go in the bottom, and a corkboard on
the top.  I also attached a boot scripture photo on this
one.  I am trying to incorporate them into some of the
salvaged pieces in order to sell them along with another

I will take these to Dallas in June, to the wholesale
gift market.  Hopefully, they will be available
in a store near you!


Sunflowers in a Minute

In last week's adult art class, one of my
students wanted to paint some sunflowers.
She is a beginner watercolor student, very
self-motivated and sweet.
I did this small piece as a demonstration for
her. I painted it quickly and with loose strokes,
giving it a spontaneous feeling.  I added the
touches of pastel and colored pencil when the paint
was dry.
She will be working on her's in class tomorrow, and I will
try to post her results.

I have about 7 weeks before I go back to the wholesale market in
Dallas.  I have been busy working on some things to take
to the show...so busy, I haven't been able to blog!  I will try to
post some of those as well.


Sunflowers in Blue Vase  12 x 16  $50

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Glory Bee

During my walk last Sunday, I watched all these bees
on the wild blackberry vines...

...they were "busy as a bee!"

I marvel at God's provision, and perfect design.  Without the bees,
the plants do not survive, and the whole is more
than the sum of it's very small parts...praise be!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pencil on Tile

Kate is spraying her finished tile with sealer.

Samuel working on his tile

This is one of my examples for them to see

In class today, just my two, did colored pencil on a piece of tile. 
They found it harder than they thought.  It was hard to get enough
color on the tile.  Then we used the Gamsol to work the pencil into
the tile.  And the last step was to seal it was a clear spray sealer.
They had fun, even though it was hard work!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Not so Angry Bird"

Just heard from the CPSA International Exhibition,
 and this drawing made it in!  I am pleased, because it is
 very hard to get into this show.  There are entries from
all over the world, and the talent is amazing. 
You just never know what the judge is looking for.
Last year when I attended the convenion, I remember
 the juror stating that he looks for drawings that will
complete his vision for the show.  He
selected pieces in certain catagories..florals,
landscapes, people, etc...until he felt there were
enough in that catagory?!  Anyway, I feel that all
the best work should be in...no matter what the
subject matter.  But I guess that is why he was the
 juror and I wasn't!!   But I am glad that the juror
this year thought mine was worthy of selection...woohoo!


This piece will be on display at the Pea Patch Gallery in Winnfield
until I have to ship it to the show, if you would like to see it
up close.  Thanks!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Pecan Festival Poster Design

Here is my finished poster design for the Pecan Festival.
They have a contest every year for their festival poster,
and the winning entry is published and sold during and
after the festival.  The artist signs and numbers the posters, and
the winning artist gets a check!  I will deliver this down to
Colfax, LA soon, and then cross my fingers!


Sunday, April 21, 2013


This is a pastel drawing that I did awhile back, and
I sold it this week to a collector.  I did this during
a garden tour, where I was painting on location.

These are some geraniums on my patio, and I thought
I would do a little
painting on location at home!

This is my finished pastel drawing that I did while
enjoying the beautiful
weather outside today.

Generally, I work from light to dark...and as
it starts to take shape, it is made up of only the
light values...the paler colors.  It never really looks
complete, until the darks are added.  It is the contrast that
adds the final touches.  It is not a complete design
without the darker parts.

As I thought back over this incredible week, the loss,
the sorrow, and the heartache from so many
tragedies (here and across our nation), I could not
help but take notice also of the heroism, the outpouring
of compassion, and the unity of spirit among so many
as well.  It was like the light and the dark existing
side by side...like in great artwork.  So it is, that life is
not truly experienced except when we face both good and 
bad, highs and lows, true joy and great sorrow.  And it is
our God who never forsakes us or fails us...no matter what the
situation.  I pray that you have been able to find His peace
in some small way this week.
I know I have.



Saturday, April 20, 2013

If the Creeks Don't Rise

Near our home is a little woodland creek.  Because of the
recent rains, there is water in it!  Thought I would walk down
late today and take a look.(There is a brown lizard in 
this photo;  if you can find it, and tell me where it is,
you will get a free dessert in the cafe!) 

I saw these on the way.  These are blackberry vines...
there will be lots of juicy berries sometime
in June.  Time to make some blackberry cobbler...yum

And of course, Huey, Dewey, and Louie had to come with me.
(that is not the order they are in!)  Huey is in the back, and Louie is
in the lead.

When it does rain really hard and fast, this little creek
really rises.  The rushing water erodes the banks
away from these roots.  It makes some interesting

These ferns grow wild all along the banks in the shade.  I wish
I could get them to grow in my yard!

When we got back, Huey was tired.

Louie was tired too!

I really enjoy being outside, and we have had some beautiful weather this week.  I hope it is nice where you are, and you can get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and the "re-birth" of the

"I would have despaired unless I had
believed that I would see the goodness
of the Lord in the land of the living"
Psalm 27:13

Friday, April 19, 2013

Poster Progress

Second sketch for the Louisiana Pecan Fest Poster. 
I added the guitar on the side, and shifted a few things

And this is the first stage of the poster.  It is acrylic paint on
watercolor paper.  It is time to do more lettering (not my
favorite thing!)  I will also add some outlines here
and there.  Will keep you posted !


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Final Project

This is Jordyn...my Senior Project student this year. 
She finished up her watercolor study this week.

This is her final painting of some petunias.  She learned
a great deal, and was working very independently by
the end of our time together.  I think she liked it...she is a
young lady of few words!  I enjoyed teaching her, and will
miss seeing her every Tuesday!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Kate and her drawing of a chickadee

Kate (yes there are two of them!) and her drawing of
a bluebird

And this is Samuel's drawing of a bluebird as well

We had a "bird" day in art class today.  I just had
3 students, and they all drew a bird in colored pencil.
Kate and Samuel used my recent photos of the bluebirds
in my yard.  The other Kate used a bird reference book
to find the photo of the cute little chickadee. 
Tweet, tweet!



Monday, April 15, 2013

Flowering Art Ideas

I am sure some of you are tired of looking
at spring flowers!  these are some delphiniums in
my yard...this would make a great drawing.

And a beautiful sunset tonight at the house as well.

I spent part of the day at the local nursing home, giving an
art presentation to the residents.  I took several of the Peru
art pieces, and told them
about the process of painting and drawing, as well as some
details from the trip and Peruvian facts.  Lots of interaction and

I am working on the Louisiana Pecan Festival poster...
not enough to show you yet.  I will post when
there is more to see!


Friday, April 12, 2013

Purple and White

Still enjoying the flowers of the season...took a walk late this
afternoon aound the house and the fields.  Most of these are
growing wild in the woods...all except the iris.  And Huey
accompanied me today...he will follow me anywhere.  Who needs
a dog?!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Nothing says "spring" like dogwoods blooming...here
are a few pics for you to enjoy!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"For the Birds" Art Show

"Swan Song"  riddlepic

"Knight Owl"  riddlepic

Here are some of the pieces from the
"For the Birds" art show.  There are some pencil
and colored pencil drawings, watercolors, collages,
and some photography.  There are birds of all
kinds...hopefully, some of your favorites!
Come by when you get a chance, and check
it out.