Thursday, October 31, 2013


Just a fun little project for the season.  My art students made
these in class to you!
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Spread some Joy!

Hand painted gift tags...would be cute on the tree too!
I am still adding some red paint, and some
hanging ribbon.

And this is a 12 x 12 burlap canvas, painted with lots of joy!
It will also hang with red and tan checked ribbon.  It would
be a cute door piece, or gift for someone special!

And I call these "circles of joy"...cute ornaments that could be used on
a package, on the tree, on a wreath, etc.  I have been
hand stitching them, and then painting on the words.  I will probably do
some "peace" and "love" ones too. 

All of these will be on sale in the gallery starting on November
14th, the evening of our downtown Christmas Open House.  Be sure
and mark your calendar, and come and join us...for lots of

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Birthday Bubbles

oooh, I love surprises.  I haven't posted this, and I finished it a couple of
months ago.  It is a drawing of Molly, one of my good friend's little
girls.  She had wanted me to do a portrait, but had given me several
photos, and no deadline.  I knew her birthday was today, and I had
talked to her husband, and this was her surprise gift!  What fun!
She told me that Molly said I should have let her color it with
her crayons?!  Too cute.  Happy Birthday!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Gifts for the Season

More Christmas crafts:  tall burlap trees with
chevron ribbon and wooden hearts.  And
candy jars tagged with hand painted
gift tags....

These would make great gifts for teachers, kid's friends, secret sis,
neighbors, friends and family!  There are three different sizes of
jars, and they can be filled with peppermint, m and m's,  kisses,
etc.  Let me know how many I can make for you and yours this

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Crafting Time

I have had the sewing machine, glue gun, paint brushes, etc
out...crafting some Christmas goodies for the
upcoming Open House.

I have had lots of "joy", because my daughter has been
home, helping me put together some things.
She is quite crafty herself!

These are hand painted gift tags.  I am also making some
burlap ornaments, pillows, banners, and signs.
I hope to get a whole collection done by the 14th! 
Make plans to come in and check them out.

Christmas Open House  Thursday Nov 14  5-9 pm
Pea Patch Gallery  Downtown Winnfield

Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Journey to China" Art Show

I have been printing some of my China photographs to include
in the Chinese art show at the gallery.  These are some of my

The red door was in Beijing at the Empress' garden complex.  I like
the design of the window screens, and the complimentary color scheme
of red and green.  I framed this today.
The dragon boat was one that I took a photo of from
the shore as it came in.  I loved the lone man sitting in the
front.  Makes a nice composition.  I used a couple of filters
on it, and I will frame this one also.
The dancer in yellow is a cropped portion of a larger
photo of the whole stage.  This is the show we saw in Xian,
and where I took the pic that I drew of the dancer in the
green satin dress.  This would have been a super hard drawing,
so it makes a better photo!
The goldfish were in a tank at the pearl factory.  It was
neat to be eye to eye with them.
The old men playing majong were in the park on the way to
the Temple of Heaven.  They were so intense, and didn't
even know I was there.  I printed it in black and white for a
timeless look.
The tea ceremony took place without me.  I took this before it
started, and then I left!  It was our last chance to shop before we
left, and I took it!  So, this is all I know about the tea ceremony...
it looks great in the light of the room.
And the Great Wall.  I took two cameras that day; one with my
regular zoom lens, and the other with my wide angle lens.
This was taken with the wide lens.  It just gives a more dramatic
view, and I was practically lying down to get the shot.  That is
a shadow of my head in the left hand corner!
These bring back special memories for me of the trip,
and I hope you enjoy the stories behind them. 
Journey to China
Works by Gail H. Shelton
Opening: November 14th   5-9
Pea Patch Gallery   Winnfield, LA

Friday, October 18, 2013

T-Shirt Time

It's time to design the Christmas t-shirt.  I have been
playing around with this tonight.  I wrote the
verse, and I think I will use a chevron tree in
the background. 

This is a practice one.  I think I will just use one font...I thought
it might be cute with several different kinds.  But now that I look
at it, I think just one will do.  I am going to put a yellow star
on top of the tree, and the letters will probably be red, black,
yellow.  I may put it on a Kelly green shirt, or maybe a light green 
one.  I am also thinking about just doing short sleeved ones this year
instead of long sleeved.  They are getting so expensive to do, and I think
the short sleeved ones will be cheaper.  If any of you have any suggestions,
please feel free to comment. 

Christmas Open House is November 14th from 5-9.  Hopefully the
shirts will be ready by then!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Finished Hat

I think I am finished with this drawing of one of our guides in China.
We took a trip on a long tail boat, and this man went with us.  He
was in the front of the boat, and modeled the old traditional style hat that the
fishermen would wear.  He let some of the tourists try on the hat as well,
and we all had a good laugh.  I sketched him in my journal, and asked him
to sign the page.  He was very touched seeing my sketch and signing his name.
I knew I wanted to do a finished drawing of him when I got home.
So, here he is!

"China Hat"
original colored pencil drawing

$800.00 unframed

$1000 framed

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Eye of the Tiger

Had another great time in "Death Valley", watching the LSU Tigers
defeat the Florida Gators!  Here are some of my favorite
pics from the day!


Monday, October 7, 2013

Slow and Steady

Still working on this...making a little progress.  The skin is
not just one color!  I have to layer some gold, pink, tan, etc....
and try to blend them together.  I work on the hat a little at a is nerve-wracking!  Hopefully, it will all come

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Making a little "headway" on this drawing! 
That hat is a was
made out of some kind of reeds, or dried grasses. 
I can't get it to look
like it is coming out toward us here in the front. 
I will keep at it..when I have a minute to draw!

A Working Studio

Busy day at the studio today.  My three little art students worked on
some little cups.  The paper insert comes out, and you can
draw a design on it, and then put it back inside the cup. 
Kate did a dance theme, Samuel did some baby ducks,
and Kate W. did a beach theme.  Cheers!

And I finished up a wooden tree that is going to be used as a
baby shower decoration on Saturday.  There are still some leaves to be
put on.  I cut it out of Masonite with a jigsaw, and then sanded the
edges.  I spray painted it with some brown paint.  And
then mounted it inside the pretty green pot.  I added the
burlap and some tulle, and tahdah! there it is!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Not so Angry Entry


Wow...God put on a show tonight!  On my way home,
after a rather tough day at work, this was the "skyshow". 
This was almost a 360 degree view from the top of the
hill at my driveway.  It looked like He painted it...starting with
the full rainbow, that stretched all the way across the
sky.  Then, there were storm clouds on the horizon, coming
in from the north.  And then there was the sunset....I have not
seen so many different cloud formations all at once!  It was
amazing.  I needed some reassurance tonight, that this
crazy, stressful, upside down world we are living in is still
in God's hands..and wow, did He ever show me that!~
amen and amen