Friday, May 30, 2014

Bluebirds and Babies

I have made a little progress on this drawing, mostly the background.
I will blend it a lot more after I apply all the pencil.  

And here is my sweet Clara Grace playing with her
very own little bluebird.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bluebird in Progress

Started on another little colored pencil drawing tonight.  I took
this photo of one of the bluebirds in our yard.  It was
early in the spring, and the leaves on the tree were just
budding out.  I like the composition: the leaves on the left
balance with the bird and the open space on the right.
It will be a lot of coloring in on the background...lots of
blue and green.  I will post some of my progress as I go.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Student Work

I had the pleasure of framing these two pieces this week.
They were done by students at our local high school.  And they
are being sent to an exhibition in Baton Rouge, along with work from
all over the state.  I think they both did a really good job.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The 3 Amigos

I finished this drawing of these poppies last night.  It is going
to be part of a colored pencil exhibit I am doing at the gallery.  I have
a retrospective show that includes some older pieces as well as
some brand new ones.  The show will open June 1st, and will be up all

I wanted to draw this photo of these flowers.  I am always
intrigued with shadows on white objects.  You can
do them in shades of grey, or purple, or blue.  I used
all of these as well as some browns and golds.
I used the solvent and the Icarus board to make the
background blurry and soft...out of focus.  I like the
contrast between the in focus flowers and the
soft background.  It also gives the illusion of depth,
which is always a good thing.

I will be doing a lot of work to get the show framed and up
by the first of the month.  I hope some of you will be
able to come by and view it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sign of the Times

I got a chance to finish painting on the wall this past
weekend.  It was fun!  I was trying to advertise many of
the things we offer in the shop.  So many people, even local
people, do not know all the things we have under our roof.
I am really hoping to entice some of those travelers on the highway
to take the turn, pull in, and come and have lunch, or dessert,
or a coke float!

You don't have to be traveling to come in and enjoy those things
either!  And we also do custom framing.  I can repair your broken
glass on an existing frame.  I can re-mat artwork or documents.

We have a full line of boutique clothing now; lots of jewelry; spa items
(lotions, scents, candles, bath products) as well as toys,
decorative accessories, antiques and "junktiques".  If you
haven't been in lately, stop by and check us out.  You will not be

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Paint, Poppies, and Peaches

I had a very productive day today!

The weather was perfect for painting outside...and I did some
painting on the wall.  I put in some green text boxes.  I will add
some other colors, and then do the lettering in black.

Then tonight I got to work on this poppy drawing, and it is almost
finished.  I have been using the Gamsol and the Icarus Board
on the background.  It sure does make all that blending go
a lot faster...whew....

And I also had to make a cobbler for a customer today.  We make
this cobbler in our cafe...making a different one each day.  Peach is
everyone's favorite.  You can order whole desserts for eating at
home, taking to a function, or giving as a gift! Just give
us a couple of days notice.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Bird in the Nest...worth Four on the Door

Yes, I have baby birds again this year!! Right on my front door
wreath.  I have a ring side seat to watch them grow.  Last
spring, we had three, and as you can see, this time there are four.
They are about a week old, and the parents are BUSY trying to keep
the hungry little mouths fed!  I will try to take some pics
along the way, to see them grow up....(if I can keep my cats from finding

Monday, May 12, 2014

Back in the Saddle

I got to teach some colored pencil on canvas to some
Talented Visual arts students today.  Mrs. Cyndi Beaubouef,
their teacher and former student of mine, invited me to come
and share with them these new techniques.

These were some of the younger students.  These girls have
a "Chinese" connection.  Mattie, with the bow, went with me to
China last year, and the little oriental girl came here from China only
two years ago.  cool!

There were three different projects that they could choose from.
These students chose one of the designs with yellow leaves
and a purplish background.

They all proudly showed off their finished creations.
Mrs. Beaubouef teaches at 5 different schools, and has to
travel a great deal.  But today, she had them all come to her
room at Weston High School.  It was fun to get to teach all of them,
from 1st grade to high school.

I hope to see some of these students down at my
gallery sometime.  Many of them were very talented,
and I hope they continue to pursue their artistic dreams!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

White Poppies

Making a little progress on this is fun to draw.  I am really
inspired by white subjects.  Years ago, I did a whole show of white
subjects: eggs, white flowers, white doorknobs, etc.  It was titled: "The Colors
of White".  I sold many of those works.  It would be fun to do another one.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Poppies and Owls

Who likes painting owls in art class!?  They dooooo.  We finished up our art
classes for the year today.  They completed these owl designs, and then
we enjoyed some ice cream outside on the patio!

On my way home from Texas this past weekend, I went by this wonderful
place.  It is the Wildseed Farm, outside of Fredericksburg, Texas.  I knew the
poppies would be in bloom, and I wanted to get some pictures.

And so I started this poppy drawing tonight from one of the photos.
I have always loved poppies...they are such classic flowers, and have
such beautiful form.  I will post some of the progress on this as I go along.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

LadyBug Style

Cute painted canvas that served as the guest book...visitors signed the canvas
which will be kept in her room.

These are the cutest cookies!!  Mrs Kay Slay makes these, and can
customize them to match any theme.  And they are delicious too!

This is the food table...lots of goodies

And the beautiful flowers

We have lots of showers in the cafe at the gallery.  This
was one of the latest baby showers.  Little "Fiona Quinn" and her
mother were showered with lots of gifts and goodies.  I
was asked to paint the ladybug canvas to be used as
a guest book...cute idea.  The guests signed the
canvas as they entered the party.  And the cookies were
works of art too!  Kay makes such cute designs.  If you
need some for a party, feel free to get in touch with her.

Kay Slay   custom sugar cookies
Winnfield, LA