Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Home for Christmas

Just finished this house for a client.  It is her great grandfather's house,
and she is giving it as a gift to her father.  I did pen and ink drawing
and then painted it with watercolor.  She told me that the
shingles used to be black, so I painted a darker roof. 

I hope she likes it, and that he is surprised! 
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Seeing Double

Several years ago, I did a drawing of a baby girl for a client.
It is a large portrait, about 20 x 24.  Awhile back, the same client
brought me this photo of the baby girl's new baby
brother.  She wanted me to do a matching portrait of him
as well.  This is the portrait in progress...some of the shading
done, but not finished.

But tonight, I was able to finish it!  So, here is the new
drawing of the baby boy...

And here is the other earlier drawing of the sister.  They almost
look like twins...a strong family resemblance.  I think these
are going to be gifts for the mom of these babies.  I hope
she will be surprised!

Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Black, White, and Red Birds

Finished this 11 x 14 canvas tonight...gesso on burlap with hand
lettering.  My lettering is certainly not perfect...but that's
what makes it charming?!  I really like the saying...kind of a
twist on "Bloom where you are Planted".

And these two are the last small canvases that I finished
last night.  These have already been sprayed with the sealer.

And I also finished this canvas.  I painted the black
acrylic over the gesso, and then the white lettering.  Again,
the letters are far from perfect...but I like the
saying as well.

These will all be for sale at the Pea Patch Gallery
and Cafe.  The small canvases are $25 each,
and the large lettered ones are $40.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Birds and Blooms

Still working on a few of these small canvases.  These
are 4 inches square and an inch deep.  I added the texture on
them first, and painted a background color.  Then I layered a couple
of colors over the background color, blending  it in some places.
I painted the egrets and the sunflowers then in acrylic, and I will
spray them with a sealer.
They are for sale; this size is $25.  The larger ones are $35, and $50
each.  I painted them in pairs, and you can buy them separately or
together. I can also ship if you would be interested.
These make great gifts, and I will do some more before Christmas. If
there is something in particular you would like,
just let me know.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Thinking outside the Square

This is the first two little square canvases that I finished.
I added a blue wash over the background, before I added the
birds.  They are painted with acrylic paint.

I did a couple of others...painting these blackeyed susans onto
the blue background.   There is a lot of texture on the canvas.
It doesn't show up that well in these pics.  These have been
really fun...plan to do some more!

5" square canvases  $50 each

Friday, October 23, 2015

Square Minded

I recently saw some neat little canvases at a gift shop down
in Covington, Louisiana.  They were coated with this modeling paste,
that provides some great texture on the surface.  So, I thought I would give
it a try.  I spread the paste with a letter opener! because I do not
own a palette knife?!  I am just a watercolor painter...and we don't use
palette knives much...

And then I have painted them blue as a first coat.  I am planning to
paint some kind of bird on them.  It may be an egret or heron.  Or
a bluebird or sparrow...I haven't decided yet.   I will play around with
the background colors some more until I get them interesting.
I enjoy doing something different from time to time.  And since it is more
difficult for me to draw right now (having trouble with arthritis in my hands),
painting is not quite as painful.

Will try to post the final results!

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Light of Christmas

It is that time of year again...already!!  I design a Christmas
t-shirt every year that I sell at the gallery.  I order a
limited number, and they usually sell out quickly.

This is the design for this year's shirt.  The shirt is royal blue,
and the stars will be yellow gold, and the lettering is black, red and
white.  The printer will send me a proof of the colors.  Once I
approve the design, they will be printed and picked up
before our Christmas Open House on November 12.

I can ship if anyone is interested!  They will be $30 each
(long-sleeved t-shirt)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Through the Lens

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a teacher is getting to see one
of your former students pursuing the passion you share.  I had the pleasure
of visiting with Joe Stroud yesterday, an art student that I taught many years ago.
He finished his education at the Savannah College of Art and Design, with a major in
Photography and Art History.  I have kept in touch with him over the years.  He
lived out west for awhile, and traveled taking pictures all over the country.
He has moved back home (Winnfield, Louisiana) and is still taking photos of
wildlife and landscapes.

We are currently hosting a Photography Contest at the gallery, and he brought several
photos by.   The ones above are on his wonderful website:
I encourage you to visit his site, and purchase a print.  They are beautiful and
varied...something for everyone.  Please help support an artist! 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Lunar Eclipse

This is from the lunar eclipse a couple of weeks ago.  I have
never really tried to photograph anything like this.  It was soooo
much fun!  I had to use my large lens, and my tripod.  It was hard
to get one in focus.  This is the best one I got.  My husband and I did
really enjoy sitting outside and watching the whole process.  It was
spell binding....awesome....amazing.
Another one of God's beautiful creations and events...glorious.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pumpkin Painting

Sometimes I get to participate in an art activity that is really funny!
That was the case this week at the daycare that my grand daughter attends.
They were painting their own pumpkin, and I was lucky enough to
go.  The young workers were braver than I would have them
full plates of all kinds of colors.  It started the young "Picassos" got
the feel of the brush and paint.  That did not last long, as the artistic
juices began to flow!!  My little Clara had lots of paint on her pumpkin, and
her face, arm, hands, shirt, table....etc!  It was so cute...all the kids really
enjoyed it.  Luckily, the paint is washable!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Brush and Flush

Sometimes I get asked to do some really simple things...and I
don't mind.  The middle canvas is store-bought, and my daughter
wanted a couple of other little canvases to go with it in
the children's bathroom.  So, here are the finished
products...ready to hang and instruct the little ones.
They are acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Time for Class

Mr. Chad Smith teaching the kids a little watercolor today.

Samuel working on some colored pencil

Chad giving out some instruction.

I usually teach the Wednesday afternoon art classes.  But this year,
a young man and former art student of mine, has returned to Winnfield,
and was interested in doing some teaching.  So, I agreed to let him
try his hand a the children's really get his feet wet!
He taught all summer, and now he is continuing this fall.
Today, they did some basic watercolor, and painted a cardinal.
They all seemed to catch on, and enjoy the class.  Chad is
doing a great job, and really loves it.  I will continue to guide him
on what to teach, and provide the supplies.  I'm just enjoying the break,
and giving this young man a chance to do something we both love.

Children's Art Classes   Ages 10 and up  Wed pm  4-5 pm
$15.00 a lesson

Monday, September 7, 2015

Baby Face

I have been working in this drawing, a little at a time, for a
client in Natchitoches.  I am just about finished...a few more dark shadows,
and a little tweaking.  My hand only allows me to draw for a
short time now, so I am not producing as much artwork.  I am still
doing a lot of photography however.  And I don't want to quit drawing
and painting altogether.  So, I'll just do what I can when I can, and
we will see how it goes!

So, if you would like me to do something for you, please give me
lots of time!  I can still do it, just not on a deadline.  Thanks so much
for continuing to support my art and my life.  I feel very blessed.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Show it Off

"Midlife 24"  Mixed media collage   Carolyn Swift  Traverse City, Michigan

"White Bluffs Triptych"   Glenna Cole Allee    Photograph   San Francisco, California

"Walker 1"  Collage  Jack Girard   Lexington, Kentucky

"Cheetah"   Wood and Aluminum sculpture    Sallye Holloway     Alexandria, Louisiana

"Bike Shadows"  Me!  watercolor    Winnfield, Louisiana

"Sander's Old Barn"  Oil painting  Roderick Murchison    Pineville, Louisiana

"Which Point of View?"     Oil on Panel    Evelien Bachrach   Hancock, New Hampshire

"Misty Cypress Sunrise"  photograph  Jeff Stephens    Dry Prong, Louisiana

"Cleaned out My Studio"   Clay  Suzanne Sidebottom    New Albany, Indiana

"Precariously Balanced Diet"  Wood and Paint   Ron Koehler   Cleveland, Mississippi

Enjoyed  a nice evening at the Alexandria Museum of Art, attending the opening
reception for their 28th September Competition.  There were a variety of
pieces, as you can see, and lots of interesting approaches.  I am always
amazed at some of the creativity and the thoughts of other artists:  I am such a
traditional realist.  My mind doesn't come up with some of the wild
stuff I saw tonight.  I like some of it: I can appreciate some of it; and some
of it, I do not care for at all.  I did not agree with the judging...but I rarely do!

It truly is an honor just to get in this show.  When I saw some of the other pieces,
I am not sure why the judges selected mine.  My two were the most realistic ones there.
And many of the things they selected were similar to their own work...which does
happen sometimes.

The show will stay up until November 21st, so if you are in Alexandria,
stop by and check it out.  Quite an interesting show!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Inspiration and Tribute

Colored Pencil Drawing: Chinese dancer I photographed during a trip to China

A honey bee on a Bradford pear tree in my front yard.
Colored Pencil 

A watercolor of a brown pelican that I photographed during a trip to
the Galapagos islands.  

Colored pencil of a preening flamingo

"Street Music"  Watercolor of a street musician in New Orleans
Kestrel by Morton Solberg

White Egret by Morton Solberg

Elk by Morton Solberg


Art has always been a part of my life.  My aunt was an artist, and my
father was very creative and worked with wood.  Art was in my DNA.
If you would have asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, it was
always, "an artist".  My mother was not artistic, but she had many
friends who were.  One of her closest friends, Betty Gene Haile, was a
professional artist, painting in both watercolors and oils.  She loved to travel,
and painted often on location in the hill country of Texas, and villages in Mexico.
She was perhaps my earliest inspiration.  When we would visit her home, I loved to
peek into her studio, and see what she was working on.
I was always thrilled to see colorful Mexican fruit markets, boasting striped awnings
and multi colored fruit; Texas hillsides dotted with blooming prickly pear or
a rocky creek lined with live oaks and bluebonnets.

She painted what she saw and what she loved.

I'm teaming up with Patience Brewster in honor of Artist Appreciation Month and sharing 

my inspirations. Patience is a well known artist and designer of figurines and ornaments.
What inspires us as artists can vary widely I am sure.
While in college, I began to study Art History, and was inspired by numerous
masters.  But my favorite is Vincent Van Gogh.  I have been blessed to view
many of his works throughout the world.  I stand in front of them, humbled by
the brushwork, color, and passion.  I am inspired by the sheer number of works
that he completed in a very short time, and saddened by his tragic story, so full of
struggle and agony.

He painted what he loved and what he saw.
And now, as a professional artist myself, I have been able to attend workshops
given by some of favorite living artists.  The beautiful examples above are by
Morton Solberg, who I had the pleasure of meeting at a workshop in Wyoming.
I have always enjoyed painting with watercolor, but this man makes it look
effortless and fun.  I love his use of abstract surroundings and detailed
wildlife.  I wish I could paint with such abandon, and yet, focus.  He
paints the wildlife he loves, and puts them in environments that showcase
them in masterful compositions.

He paints what he knows and what he loves.\
  I am currently inspired so much by God's
wonderful creation all around me.  I live out in the country in Louisiana, and I see wildlife
every day.  I especially like birds, and I have the chance to view many of them.
I am also inspired when I travel, and enjoy capturing life in other
places...the people, architecture, the landscapes and wildlife.
I continue to paint when I am able, and do travel several times a year.

I find myself painting on location, much like Mrs Haile.  I hope that I am
as passionate about my work in even a small way like Vincent.  And
that I capture the Louisiana wildlife I love in masterful compositions like
Mr. Solberg.

I paint what I see, and what I love.
patience brewster ornaments