Saturday, April 25, 2015

Feeling Crabby

Been working on this drawing for awhile.  It is a basket of
blue crabs....such an iconic Louisiana image.  The funny thing
is I took the photo in New York City, in Chinatown!  They
were selling all kinds of stuff in the markets there, and these were on
the ground near one of the tables.  I just took two photos, and
this is the cropped version of one of those.  This is colored pencil.

Here is a little more progress on it.  It has been very intricate and time
consuming!  I do like the colors though, and it really is fun.  Hope to be
through real soon!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Art Class Wednesday

Another Art Class we did some pastel
drawings.  We did the beach scene together.
And then they chose another one to
do on their own.

Lauren chose a sunset scene with bright oranges
and purples

Olivia did a yellow flower landscape

And Alyssa did the beach scene again...she liked
it so much!

Children's Art Classes: Wednesday  4-5 pm
$15.00 a lesson
I am only doing classes till the end of May.
Hope to see your little one soon!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Georgia on my Mind

Georgia O'Keefe.....master painter of flowers, and one of
my favorites.  In my art class today, they learned about her
and how she painted flowers.  We examined her sunflower painting,
and then tried to copy it on canvas.  They did pretty well!
It was fun, and they got to take home their
little creation!  It was a good day!

Children's Art Classes  Every Wednesday from 4-5 pm
$15.00 a lesson
We only meet during the school year.  I will schedule other
special classes during the summer

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fingers Crossed

"Strokes of Genius" is a book published by North Light Books.  It is
made up of drawings submitted by contemporary artists working in
drawing mediums (pencil, colored pencil, ink, pastel, etc).  I just submitted
all of these for publication in the book.  They accept a higher percentage of
black and white entries, but they do accept colored entries too.
I will not know for a long time...August 28th, which happens to be my
birthday!  Maybe I will get a special present, and have one of these
accepted.  Got my fingers crossed! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

The World in a Thistle

While outside this evening, I noticed this thistle, and wondered how it
would look with the setting sun behind it.  So, I practically laid on my
stomach! to try to photograph it.  I played around with a couple of versions...
like it.  How beautiful God has made even the grasses of the field...
here one day, and gone the next.  Oh, how He must love you and me!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Senior Gifts

Here are the final chalkboard projects.  I trimmed the photos, and
placed them around the edges.  I attached the chalkboards to the back of
the beaded board frames.  These are gifts for these graduating senior girls....I bet
they are surprised and happy!

Friday, April 10, 2015


Just a quick project for a couple of graduating seniors.  One of their
friends wanted some chalkboard boards, framed in the old
beaded board.  Today, I sprayed the masonite with the chalkboard paint.

This is the beaded board frame that the chalkboards will go in.  Then she
wants me to add some of their photos onto the chalkboard (around the
edges).  I should be able to get them done tomorrow.

I know I haven't posted in awhile.  I have been having trouble with
the arthritis in my hands, and it has been hard to do any
work.  I am doing a little bit of drawing, but it is very slow.
Don't give up on me...keep checking back...I will be posting
again soon!