Thursday, September 29, 2016

Looking at Lake Charles

This is the sign at the gallery where my art
is hanging...will share more pics soon.

Downtown Lake Charles is a very "artsy" place.  They have done
a lot of renovation.  Here's one artist's studio.  I will be
visiting this building before I leave!

The famous artist, George Rodrigue, painted his series of
blue dogs.  This is his cafe in downtown.  Haven't had the
chance to go in yet...but I will.

I drove around a little before I left the other day, after hanging the 
show.  The downtown area is really neat.  

The opening on Friday night is part of the Fall Art Promenade...I think 
there are several galleries that will be open at the same time.
Refreshments will be served, and there will be music.  It should be 
a lot of fun.  

I will post some photos from the opening.  
Stay tuned!!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Taking Stock

When I was in Texas recently, I had the chance to go and visit
the Fort Worth Stockyards.  When I left Waco, I drove up to
Ft. Worth, and stopped there for a little while.

It is quite the tourist area now.  I think I remember it as a real
working stockyard when I was growing up.  But some smart people
have obviously capitalized on what a tourist draw this could be, and is
it ever.  I had to circle for about 20 minutes just to find a parking
place.  There was an antique car show going on, there was a live
country western band playing, and lots of dining and shopping to
be done.  You could ride in the old fashioned stagecoach, or get
your photo made on the back of a longhorn.  I missed the
driving of the longhorns down the's at 1 pm,
and again at 4 pm.  Anyway, it's a great place to spend the day,
and I would highly recommend it.

Fort Worth Stockyards
Downtown Ft. Worth

Friday, September 23, 2016

Louisiana....Coming Home

"Louisiana...Coming Home"

Just about all ready!  Here are some of the pieces headed to 
Lake Charles for my show opening on the 30th.  It will be held at the 
Central School Arts and Humanities Center at 809 Kirby St in Lake Charles.
I have been really busy framing everything, and  
preparing the labels, etc.  I will hang it all on Monday, 
and come  back to Winnfield.  Then, on Friday morning, I 
will be on TV in Lake Charles, where they will interview me 
about the show.  Ha!  ought to be interesting.  I think I can 
"clean up" my Southern accent...maybe.  
Then the opening reception will be Friday night, the 30th 
from 5-9pm.  It will be lots of fun...hope some of you can 
make it.  If not, the show will be up through October 21.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Blue Ribbon in Irving

The art show that my rhino drawing is in is sponsored by this

I got to stop in and see the show after I left Waco the other day.
I have posted some of the other artists' work here too.  This is
a scratchboard that is very nice.

That's me with "A Wrinkle in Time"...colored pencil drawing
of a rhino.

A zebra in watercolor

I enjoyed getting to see the Animals in Art show in Irving, Tx.
It was a nice variety of work.  Paintings, drawings, and some photography were
 all represented.  The show will stay up another 2 weeks or so.
If the rhino doesn't sell, it will be shipped back home.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Waco and Magnolia

While I was staying in Waco for the Bosque show, I managed to
go  by the Silos...the business of Chip and Joanna Gains'.  For anyone
who doesn't know, they are the stars of the HGTV show, "Fixer Upper".
Not only have they fixed up houses, now they have fixed up
these old abandoned silos in downtown Waco. 

What a restoration project?! Wow..they did a first class job.  The
complex takes up a whole city block, and they have used all of the
space very well.  The main shopping store, Magnolia, is a two level
area, stocked with all her signature style items.  The lower level
houses Chip's Corner, and lots more signs and decorative accessories.

Outside, there is a lawn area where customers can play, outdoor
seating where the food trucks are parked, and a bakery with
outdoor seating as well. 
I bought a couple of things, enjoyed some lunch, and took a
few pics.  What a great thing for Waco and their downtown.
Yay Chip and Joanna!